The 420 Address

420flyinggrafOne day, I went to Amsterdam and said, hey, it’s legal here, let’s have a harvest festival. So I started one. It was only me and two other fellows the first year. The second year there were five, including the first Freedom Fighter of the Year. The third year it was seven. The sixth year it was finally open to the public and 50 attended, 40 of whom bought travel packages. But now there are hundreds of thousands of people flocking to Denver to the Cannabis Cup and 420.

At first, I thought it was about having a party and for the first couple years, that’s all it meant to me. But then I started to realize, hey, there’s something deeper going on here because there are all these cultures using marijuana as a sacrament. And marijuana is so much more spiritual that alcohol. So much more. So I said, we need to honor the 5,000-year-old history of ceremonial use of cannabis.

The first thing I did was start a band, because you can’t have spirituality without music. Music, marijuana and mathematics are the road to spirituality and don’t forget it. Right away we decided we weren’t going to have any dogma because we wanted to invite all cultures to our ceremonies. We only have one rule: don’t hurt anybody. As long as you don’t hurt anybody, everything is cool.

This culture really started in Congo Square in New Orleans because that’s the only place for a hundred years where all cultures could get together. And marijuana is what elevated Louie Armstrong and those guys, just like it elevated Bob Marley. It’s part of our spirituality.

So we made up our ceremonies as we went along, and the stuff that worked is what stuck with us and we evolved a ceremony with seven candles. Why seven? Why are their seven points on a cannabis leaf? Seven is the marijuana number of ancient spirituality. The seven-pointed star is called the Star of the Magi. There were seven planets are the time when religion was born. When the three kings came to visit baby Jesus, it was cannabis they were bringing. And when Moses talked to a burning bush, that was cannabis he was listening to.

What does this plant bring? Just the world’s greatest medicine, and the world’s greatest food, and the world’s greatest path to spirituality. And by the way they banned if off the face of the earth for 2,000 years.

So I’m trying to change that best I can and I created the Pot Illuminati. I’m taking the Illuminati sigils away from the Illuminati and making it a very exclusive cannabis secret society so I can bend evil magic against itself.

Most candles you buy are totally toxic, by the way. Throw them away; don’t use them because they will poison you. I wanted to use seven candles in ceremonies, but soon discovered I had to make them. Seven colors to the rainbow, seven notes to the scale, seven days to the week, and seven chakras. There’s a lot to magic and you don’t have to learn it from someone else because it runs through you naturally and you can make it up as you go along, and the proof it works is we created an evolution in candle magic.


Will the Garden State live up to its name?

Hagerat23rdCupNew Jersey used to be one of those states like Texas: universally dreaded by stoners for harsh pot laws and trigger-happy cops. But now that New Jersey passed medical marijuana, it seems big changes are afoot for the Garden State.

How about a bill to legalize marijuana and a huge hempfest all happening right now? The Joys of Hemp involves three stages and a job fair, as well as a industry trade show, all happening in Piscataway on April 4-6. There might even be an area for medical patients to medicate, but don’t go thinking people will be smoking pot. It hasn’t been legalized yet in New Jersey yet, although I’m sure the state police will quickly lose their ardor for enforcing the predatory pot laws.

Abakus Editor-in-Chief Steven Hager will be leading a 4:20 ceremony on Saturday, April 5th, followed by a lecture on the origins of 420 in the lecture hall following the ceremony. In 1987 Hager founded the hemp movement with Jack Herer,  invented the Cannabis Cup and created the first national hemp legalization group, the Freedom Fighters. Hager will be announcing the winner of the Pot Illuminati best spring strain award during the ceremony. The Pot Illuminati Spring Cup is a highly secret event attended by many celebrities that takes place on every solstice and equinox. Applications to the society will be made available after the lecture.

JoHWebsiteHeader-cleanerIt’s a good idea to buy tickets in advance to take advantage of the huge discount. In advance the price is $35 a day or $50 for the week-end. If you have to pick one day, make sure it’s Saturday.

You can purchase tickets here: