Triple OG’s of Hip Hop

classicIt’s been a while since Kool Herc and Grandmaster Caz spoke, but apparently the ice has broken because they threw an epic joint birthday party along with original hip hop emcee Coke La Rock.

The event was held at the Andrew Freedman Complex, a retirement home built by a sports franchise financier back in 1924. It was intended as a safety net for financiers who lost their fortunes in stock market crashes, but in 1960, the Freedman trust went broke. Now the building serves as a daycare center and artist studio space. In fact, Kool Herc is one of many artists-in-residence.

I brought presents for the three birthday OGs, including a Pot Illuminati hat, pin and t-shirt, copy of my new book, Hip Hop: The Complete Archives, and some assorted other goodies compliments of WeedTees in Alma, Colorado. I called Coke to see what time he was showing up and he told me emcees were showing up early for a meeting, so I arrived a hour before showtime, and they were still setting up systems. There were three ballrooms on the ground floor, and a deejay system was being installed in every one, although the biggest was reserved for Herc’s massive system. I knew this was probably going to be one of the loudest parties in hip hop history.

Coke was overjoyed to see me and get his PI gear. While I was talking to him, Herc walked by us, recognized me and scoffed. I held my hand out and offered him a copy of my new book as a present with the other, but Herc refused both. “Where’s my royalties?” he said before walking away. Herc has never forgiven me for not cutting him into my original hip hop book deal. It’s funny because I interviewed 40 people for that book, but Herc was the only one who felt he deserved to be paid. I did get a $5,000 advance from St. Martins’ but I spent most of it buying photographs for the inside. The book went out-of-print after a year or two, and I never saw more than a few hundred dollars in the way of royalties. But a few years later, copies were trading hands on ebay for $500.

That was 31 years ago, and I touch base with Herc every decade or so. I invited him to receive an all-expense-paid trip to the Cannabis Cup and get a Counterculture Hall of Fame Award, but he turned that offer down, probably because he doesn’t want to be identified so closely with weed. So the original hip hop emcee Coke La Rock got that perk. Coke has to be the most over-looked person of the first generation. There was a giant mural of over a hundred hip hop stars. “Can you believe it,” said Coke looking at it. “I’m not even in it.”

“Nobody even knows what you look like,” I said. There were few photos taken of the original parties when Coke was the main dude on the mic, inventing phrases like: “you rock and you don’t stop,” which would go on to become a hip hop staple.

Grandmaster Caz arrived in stealth mode, not doing interviews or even having his picture taken, so I couldn’t get the story behind how he and Herc finally made up after their long feud. I am sure the whole thing boiled down to Herc being pissed about something. But if they can bury the hatchet after all these years it means there’s still hope Herc might forgive me some day. Maybe in another 30 years, when we are in our 90s.

The one person who wanted to be interviewed was an artist named Space Craft 1, who gave me a tour of his studio. The work was amazing. Check out the video if you don’t believe me.


Report from Spain by Mojamba

DabADooWax (800x450)Before I can start to report on Barcelona you should know I´m a guy from Germany, a country trapped in medieval times when it comes to drug policy. Needless to say, cannabis is illegal in Germany, and there are no comparable events like the Spannabis, which happens every year in Barcelona. It was my first cannabis trade show and amazing to see how big the European industry has grown despite of the restrictions, although because of the new, so-called “grow shop law” which took place in the Netherlands on March the 1st, the Dutch industry is starting to suffer.

It was not my first trip to Spain, but my very first visit in Barcelona. After reading a lot about the Cannabis Social Clubs in this City, I was curious to see what´s going on there.
But after short relaxing in the hotel, we first went to visit the famous Dab-A-Doo and meet our friends from Nor Cal Genetics and Delta 9 Labs. It was a huge smoke-in with friendly people and a good spirit. Pretty impressing for a guy from Germany to see people dab that much concentrates, it felt a little bit like the German Oktoberfest for Cannabis enthusiasts.

DabADoo1 (800x450)The location was nice and the atmosphere was familiar, people were dabbing all the time and testing the different entries, before the winners were announced and the after show party begun. After a nice talk to Marc Emery and a delicious dab from my buddy Jon Das, I was too stoned to take more pictures and unable to stay much longer. I deeply regret I didn’t had the chance to thank Mila from Pollinator Crew for the invitation to this legendary event.

On Friday we moved over to the Spannabis. After a long sleep and several joints and dabs with Markus, that wicked guy from Austria who was in the same hotel, we drove to the fair in Cornellá by Car. Many people were waiting at the counter to get their tickets and the crowd was getting bigger and bigger. Luckily the counter for press accreditation was empty so we got inside without any waiting time.

Jorge Cervantes

Jorge Cervantes

When walking through the main entrance, the first thing to see was a fast food heaven with a tasty smell of barbecue all around. A DJ on a stage turned the scene into a party with smoking stoners everywhere. The fair was held in one hall and two big tents, where about 200 companies had a booth to present many interesting products. Everybody was smoking weed and the security didn’t gave a shit about it, even though smoking inside was prohibited. I guess this trade show-sheriffs were kind of confused to separate the smoke of flowers from the smoke of the extracts, which obviously were allowed to smoke at the stands inside. For me, the most impressing experience was to take a hit from the Sublimator with its smooth and gentle taste.

Also I was happy to see my friend Nol van Schaik. The Dutch coffeeshop entrepreneur did a nice video reporting about the fair and the Hemp Museum for John Dope TV from the UK. You can find the videos on their you tube channel:

Thanks to my friend Edu, who is an executive of the HQ Association we knew where to go after the fair and so we went to the city center to become members of a Cannabis Social Club. We had to pay a yearly fee of € 30,- to enter the Club and buy some flowers. The club is a really nice place and more similar to a bar or a nightclub than to the coffeeshops of Amsterdam.

On Saturday evening we went to the the Secret Cup, a 3 day concentrate contest which took place in Barcelona for the first time. The Cup was located in a private villa in the suburbans and hosted by Jeremy and MJ. We were very happy to hang around and dab with Giddy Up and many other lovely people from the United States, Canada, Poland and several other countries. Because of a misunderstanding we unfortunately missed day two of the event on Sunday and stayed at HQ again this evening.

Because we had to fly back home on Monday morning we couldn’t be part of the final show of the Secret Cup, which took place in the Hemp Museum of Barcelona. But we enjoyed our time in Barcelona very much anyway and we will definitely come back soon. To see how relaxed and liberal Catalonia handles Cannabis, was a refreshing experience for a true child of German prohibition like I am.

Announcing the 2015 Abakus Flower Girl

flwrgl1a1Army veteran, medical cannabis advocate, all-around cannabis expert and budding weed-model, Cas Sativa has been selected as the 2015 Abakus Flower Cup Girl. The first annual Flower Cup is being held in Aspen, Colorado, on 23rd January 2015, reportedly on a balcony overlooking the X Games.

Cas is shown here holding”Harlequine,” a BC Bud Depot God-Bud cross. Please join the Abakus staff in congratulating Cas on her official duties as Queen of the ceremonial jars. We hope to see you in Aspen over the X Games for this historic event.

Cas is judging the contest along with King of Kush Bret Bogue and other secret celebrities, but will also be posing with the winners when the results are announced. This entire proceedings will be broadcast live via the Internet. Stay tuned for more details.

Cannabis Grand Cru kicks off by Jason Gerry

B2fm8H7CAAAXEbjThe Cannabis Grand Cru started the evening with snow blanketing Aspen making it a winter wonderland of cannabis enthusiasts. The conversations being held at the Sky Hotel were very diverse, although all on the topic of cannabis. The event started appropriately with yoga by King Yoga, an excellent way to prepare for seminars on medables and extractions.

The first session involved cannabis tropicals, edibles and oils led by John Hunt, James Kennedy, Deloise and Elyse, a discussion that focused on quality seed for sale, finding a balanced terpene profile, and layering medicine through the day by preparing everyday meals with cannabis. One of the more interesting correlations I heard was bud being corn-on-the-cobb, while concentrates are more like can of creamed corn. John Hunt from Terp-X is certainly one of the more intelligent cannabis extract artists working today.

IMG_20141115_100852_212The Second session was on hydrocarbon extractions and led by James Kennedy, Jordan Psigoda and Ryan Abemathy, who gave an illuminating seminar on all the wonderful parts of cannabis that can be extracted to work with our endocannabinoid system. There’s much positive energy in this community, and this gathering of like-minded individuals is certainly unique. The comment I keep hearing is how everyone wants to work together to produce the highest quality products and the days of cutthroat competition are numbered. And on that note it’s odd having government “green team” not-so friendly vibes looming in the background, watching and learning. Hopefully they’ll soon realize we all want America healthy and safe. The staff at the Sky commented on how much more respectful the Grand Cru attendees are as opposed to the fraternity that was here last weekend. I hope our positive vibes ring clearly throughout the lands.

Abakus digital edition now on sale

10425527_10203826330239145_994999123_nThe debut issue of Abakus is now available as a digital download. If you are headed to Aspen for the ski season this winter, you won’t find a better stoner’s guide to this amazing town. Find out where to find the best buds around and read some amazing stories about the town’s most famous resident, Dr. Hunter S. Thompson, r.i.p.

Just follow this link:


Munchie Cup Winners

photo copy 3

Munchie Snacks Cup: (tie) Hot Nutz Canjun Lambs Breath/Loves Oven & Rosemary Parmesan Crackers/Loves Oven.

Munchie Drinks Cup: Watermelon Nectar/Canna Punch

Munchie Sweets Cup: Incredibles Firecracker Bar/Incredibles Colorado

Munchie Energy Drinks Cup: Boost Green Apple/Keef Cola

Munchie Cup Schedule of Events

Sunday, August 17

4:20 PM: Pre-registration at the Temple in Aspen. Pre-paid judges desiring an early start on testing edibles can pick up their credentials and ballots. Please note: ballots must be turned in no later than 4:20 PM on Tuesday, August 19. Contact for more information on pre-registration.

Monday, August 18

8 AM: Breakfast for exhibitors at the Gant

9 AM: Exhibitor set-up in expo hall; Judge’s breakfast council.

Noon: Expo Opens

4:20 PM: Temple Dragon Opening Ceremonies hosted by Grandmaster Caz at the Gant

5 PM: History of Cannabis Seminar with Steven Hager, Editor of Abakus

6 PM: Cooking with Cannabis seminar by Francis Lewis

7 PM: Expo closes/Judges’ council on the roof

Tuesday, August 19

9 AM: Expo opens; Judge’s breakfast council

4:20 PM Temple Dragon Ceremony with Grandmaster Caz, Fantuzzi and the Temple Dragon Band

5 PM: Cultivation Seminar with Bret Bogue, the King of Kush

6 PM: Awards Show with Grandmaster Caz, Fantuzzi and the Temple Dragon Crew (limited to 150 people, advance ticket required)

7 PM: Performance by Split Window

8 PM: Expo closes

August 20

4:20 PM: Temple Dragon Ceremony at Owl Farm (sold out).