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Munchie Cup Opening Ceremonies

Munchie Cup Opening Address by Grandmaster Caz at the Gant, Aspen, Colorado at 4:20 PM, on August 18, 2014.

Man, I been smoking’ weed since they called it reefer. Since then I’ve learned the term cannabis sativa. And I’ve smoked more than Steve, Snoop and Queen Latifah… combined, so don’t pay me no mind, I’m high; but I’m here fresh off a ping of kush from my new friend Bret, the King of Kush. Judgin’ the first Munchies Cup out here in Aspen. This is another place I can say my ass been. Where I’m from you used to buy a bag of weed, and after you took out the sticks and seeds, you had about seven joints in a big bamboo. If you was smart you sold five and smoked two. That was back in the by we call the Boogie Down. When the majority of the weed we saw was brown. Sold in trey and nicklebags through a hole in the door. Lucky we ain’t gotta do that no more. Not here, ’cause we’re in Colorado getting’ Rocky Mountain High. They got the medicines in these plants that’ll get you by. And for those of us who smoke an’ ain’t sick, you know the reason why we’re Rocky Mountain High In Colorado; Rocky Mountain High in Colorado. I gotta thank Steven for flying’ me out with the wife and literally we’ve never been this high in our life. Not to mention the altitude when we came for the ride, nobody told us we were crossin’ the Continental Divide. But thanks to Jason our driver and guide, the sights were breathtaking and we made it alive. So to the Pot Illuminati and the Temple Dragons, let’s recruit the brethern onto the bandwagon. Cannabis for all smoke, oil, drinks or medibles, simple put my friends salute…

This shit is incredible.


Remembering Hunter by Alec Pearce

10425527_10203826330239145_994999123_nI first met Hunter S. Thompson when I was a staff photographer for The Metropolitan, the student newspaper of Metro State College in Denver. Hunter was doing the college tour scene. I interviewed and photographed him during the press conference, which was well-attended. Hunter was on time, somewhat sober and very cordial. We met after the press conference and as I walked him to his vehicle, we shared a joint of some of the best Afghanistan cannabis that was around at the time. We became fast friends. His lecture was later that night at Colorado University Field House in Boulder.
Hunter was an hour late to the event. Upon arrival, he removed one of the velvet ropes from the poles that kept everyone back from the stage. He put his drink on the table and slammed that velvet rope across it and shouted, “Who the fuck are you people and what do you want from life?! And what do you want from me?!” Well, the lecture or rather performance went on in drunken libation, ending with an autograph session. He autographed my copy and wrote his phone number in my dogeared copy of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. I called a couple times, and he was always cordial and asked if I would come out to see him. Well, I regret never making the trip to Woody Creek.
Fast-forward twenty-nine years or so and I arrive at the famous “Owl Farm” with the Abakus Munchie Cup crew. There were only ten allowed to visit this hollowed place today. On the ride out from the Gant hotel our limo driver shared some insightful and humorous tales of Hunter and the farm. Upon arrival, we noticed a shooting range in front of the house. Hunter was an avid shooter. After a short walk from the limos to the labyrinth, we all walked the maze. I was photographing when Steve said: “All you photographers put down your cameras and walk the path.” Of course, I did as the chief requested. It was a blessed path and I give thanks for the moment.

Abakus is free at many dispensaries throughout the Colorado Mountains. If your local one doesn’t carry it, have them contact this website and request copies. The debut issue is dedicated to Dr. Hunter S. Thompson.

Bret Bogue joins Abakus

0Dubbed “The King of Kush” by High Times magazine, Bret Bogue has amassed one of the world’s largest collections of cannabis strains and has supervised cultivation operations in over a dozen countries. Some of the most popular clones being grown and sold today were first widely introduced through his company, Apothecary Genetics, including Chem Dog, which Bogue famously misspelled as Chem Dawg.

Bogue will be delivering a free cultivation seminar at the Munchie  Cup on opening day, August 18, and also be contributing a column in every issue of Abakus. If you have any questions for him that you’d like to see answered in his first column, which will be available at the event, feel free to post them as comments to this blog.

A small group of dedicated judges will be testing up to six medibles a day for three days, and then awarding trophies to the winners. The entrants are divided into three categories: drinks, snacks and sweets. On August 20th, the winners will be announced at Owl Farm, the home of the late Dr. Hunter S. Thompson.

10425527_10203826330239145_994999123_nThe first Munchie Cup is dedicated to Hunter’s spirit, and the cover of the first issue of Abakus is an illustration of Hunter by Jeff Wood, who will also be attending the event and giving a free seminar to discuss his work.

You can join the Munchie Cup testing team for a fee of $100, which includes admission to ceremonies and events, a PI pin and Munchie Cup t-shirt, and autographed issue of the debut Abakus with your name in it as a founding backer. So far, six people have signed up to be judges. Seven would be a really good number. This job is not for everyone. Don’t even think about signing up unless you can consume multiple medibles on the same day. Grandmaster Caz, one of the founding architects of Hip Hop, is the lead judge and emcee of the event.

“It will be interesting to see what happens,” says Editor Steven Hager. “I’m never a judge at any of my events, because I don’t want to get that high. I am sure we are going to see at least one panic attack from one of the judges, but we will do everything we can to regulate the doses. We will start them out with very small samples until we can calibrate tolerances, because everyone is not the same. Some people can ingest enormous amounts and still function. If you are one of these, consider signing up on the Kickstarter, and act fast because there’s less than two weeks left.”