Publisher: Jo Ann Hager
Editor-in-Chief: Steven Hager
Advertising Director: Harry Crossfield, Jr.
Digital Director: Amy Brumet
Executive Editor: Carolyn Sackariason
Senior Editor: Jason Gerry
Cultivation Editor: Bret Bogue
Photographer: Alec Pearce
Investigative Satirist: Paul Krassner
Culinary Cannabinoids: Francis Lewis

Abakus is the most exclusive publication in the realm of cannabis, distributed free to cannabis-friendly resorts in Aspen, Colorado, and also available as a digital download. Abakus seeks to foster responsible cannabis tourism to the most magical town in America.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. I World Like to ad Chemdog and an OG to my mmj garden. My question is for Brett…
    Is Apothecarys Chem Line directly related to the original? And same question for the OG?
    Its important that i know where and how close to the originals as i can.
    Thank You

    Ps. In a few words…Grape Ape vs GDP???


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