Incredibles dominates Munchie Cup Awards Show

20150724_201301The 2nd annual Abakus Munchie Cup was held in Denver, Colorado, from July 24 to 26, at Green Labs. Grandmaster Caz, one of the greatest deejays and rappers from the first generation of hip hop, headlined the event. Bill Levin, founder of the First Church of Cannabis, gave the keynote address and was inducted into the Temple Dragon Crew. Munchie Cup founder Steven Hager unleashed his new hymnal for cannabis ministries and randomly performed songs with an impromptu band put together every day composed of whoever walked through the door. Many arrivals unexpectedly found themselves suddenly swept up into the Munchie Cup choir.

Ballpark Holistic easily won the best dispensary award and their products also dominated. Seven shops within walking distance of Green Labs had been targeted for participation. Dixie Elixirs won best medicated drink, Incredibles won the best candy award, and PBJ won best confection. Best flower went to Pakistani Kush, while best concentrate went to Live Resin BP. The best expo booth award went to Incredibles, who kept the judges happy with an endless supply of snacks, although none were medicated due to the rules in Denver regarding cannabis events. Next year, the Munchie Cup may be free to attend because if you don’t sell entry tickets, it is possible to give away cannabis and cannabis products.

The Pot Illuminati Award (blind judged by Grandmaster Caz in record time) went to Girl Scout Cookies, which beat out six other strains determined by the Temple Dragon Crew as being the best flowers at the event.



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