Letter to The First Church of Cannabis

IMG_0544Brothers and Sisters of the Peaceful Vibrations,

I’m mailing a set of Magic Chakra Candles for your altar and use in your ceremonies today. You’re free to employ these candles in any manner you wish.

These candles were manifested by the Temple Dragon Crew at the Cannabis Cup Temple in Amsterdam over 15 years ago. After the TDC was expelled from the event, we created the Pot Illuminati in Colorado so we could continue our traditions. All Temple Dragon ceremonies are improvisational and completely dogma-free. We do have one rule: don’t hurt anybody, and that includes feelings and not just physical force.

The candles are designed to be stacked together to form an arrow pointing up as indicated in the photo above. When they arrive, there will be paper templates on each one with a different magic sigil. You are free to use these sigils or make your own symbols or use no symbols at all. The symbols, colors and scents all relate to the charkas and to our desire to merge all cultures into a unified, mega-cultural hybrid of peace.

Carving the candles is the first ceremony and should be done with at least seven people in attendance. It’s a great honor to carve a sigil into one of the candles and it puts energy into them, and should be shared by as many people as possible. I just use a ballpoint pen and trace an image with the paper sigil still on. After I have an image on the wax, remove the paper and make the lines a bit deeper into the wax with the pen. I suggest painting the symbols with gold paint, in which case the finished candles will look something like the picture below.

Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 12.13.15 PMIf you look close you’ll see a gemstone embedded into every sigil. Many years from now, when your candles are too small to function anymore and you require a new set, transfer the gems I send to your replacement candles.

Our ceremonies begin by lighting the candles. One person is asked to light the red candle, and that person speaks while lighting the candle and speaks for as long as they want. But when they are finished, they select someone to light the orange candle and so it goes until seven have spoken.

When the candles are stacked close together and burning, a hotspot may develop and create a leak on one side of a candle. If this happens, isolate the candle and hold it at an angle to repair the leak. You’ll need to maintain a perimeter of wax around the tops and this may require some tinkering early on.

Don’t leave the candles on for long periods. After all seven have been lighted and seven people have spoken, or once the ceremony or sermon is over, extinguish the flames as part of the ceremonies so you can save the candles for another ceremony. And if the candles melt into a puddle, the wax can be recast as long as you can separate the colors.

Enjoy the magic, and keep manifesting peace on earth.


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