Who is the real King of Cannabis?



And was Operation Green Merchant designed to steal Nevil’s throne?

There seems to be some sort of ongoing disinfo op to minimize the essential role of Nevil’s Seed Bank in establishing the core genetics employed around the world today. I have to wonder where Nevil would be today had it not been for Operation Green Merchant, a New Orleans-centered op wherein a prosecutor claimed the Cannabis Cup I created was a front for seed distribution, and by buying ads in High Times, Nevil was shuffling his illegal profits to the magazine. In the media, Operation Green Merchant was played as an attack on High Times magazine, but in hindsight, I suspect Nevil was the target, simply because he ended up neutralized, leaving the door open for Michael Taylor and Dave Watson.

If you want to get the necessary background, check my previous blog: “The Mysterious Mr. Watson,” and be sure and read all the comments. But to summarize: There’s a disinfo meme Watson used me as a tool to create the Cannabis Cup so the DEA could bust people. I won’t mention the name of the person pushing this theory, except to say it’s standard spook practice to wrap jewels of knowledge inside easily-disproved fabrications, a magic trick that puts a mirror on top of what should be a picture window. But in trying to disentangle myself from this meme, I became a tar baby for the theory first vocalized online by Shantibaba (of Mr. Nice Seeds), who suggested Taylor and Watson could be spooks, a theory he’d picked up from Nevil.


Mario Lap

Although the comment was made somewhat innocently in an Italian Internet forum, Nevil had already put respected Dutch journalist Mario Lap into action, providing him with some documentation and pretty soon Lap had marshaled evidence that supported Nevil’s suspicions. And Lap made enough noise Watson soon lost his legal grow op for a time because the Dutch don’t like American spooks playing in their backyard.

When Watson first arrived in the mid-1980s, he’d joined forces with Wernard Bruining, who’d founded the first coffeeshop Mellow Yellow (after the Donovan song) in 1972. However, Bruining became alarmed by the scale of Watson and Taylor’s mission for world cannabis domination, and soon withdrew from the team. Around this time all Mellow Yellow grow ops got busted and these were the first indoor grow busts in Holland’s history.

maxresdefault-1I’m not connecting any dots, I just find it interesting someone is trying to use me as the mirror to shield Watson. But that original blog I wrote is taking on a life of it’s own, and has already drawn comments from Watson and Reeferman, once partners on a plan to wrest control of the Mexican weed market. Good thing Watson didn’t join that mission as originally planned, because that massive grow op went down as well, and Reeferman was apparently the only one who walked out alive.

I realize Watson has a booster team supporting his role in documenting and assembling important cannabis strains, and he rewards them with his marvelous hash, but I couldn’t help but notice an illuminating comment made by Nevil online a few years ago:

skunkman“It would have been about ’95, but I’m terrible with dates, but I was working at the Castle for Ben and they came to see me. They wanted to enlist my help in delineating the ancestries of the strains that I had put out. Ben still wasn’t selling anything that I hadn’t made (to the best of my knowledge). I found this to be a remarkable request for a number of reasons. I asked them why? What followed rocked my world. They told me that they were cooperating with the Australian Federal Police, who wanted to establish links between growing operation in Australia using genetic fingerprinting and the information I was to provide. This would lead to longer prison sentences. I’d recently done 11 months in maximum security remand in Australia and alarm bells are going off in my head like crazy. But I can be cool under pressure and decided to draw them out. They knew I had children in Australia and couldn’t go and see them. The suggestion was raised that cooperating might help my chances to be able to go back. They thought they had me. I said that I needed time to consider this proposal and needed some kind of documentary proof that they were genuine. No problem, I was told. On a later visit I was provided with documents from the Australian Federal Police demonstrating that this and much more was indeed the case. I said that I wished to show these documents to a legal adviser before making any decisions and was given their permission to do so. I went to Mario Lap, who used to work for the N.I.A.D. (Dutch institute for alcohol and drugs) and was an adviser to the Dutch Labor Party on cannabis affairs. He has a good paralegal mind and is well acquainted with law as it relates to cannabis. He was horrified as to the implications of those documents and didn’t particularly like American spooks operating in his back yard. He made further inquiries with the various Dutch ministries as to who these people were and who they were connected with and how they got their permits for Hortapharm. Mario is on record as to what he concluded and how that lead to their losing the Hortapharm license, My repeating it would only be hearsay. He may still have the original documents. Some time later when Hortapharm had lost their license and the Dutch law had been changed and seed breeding was illegal in Holland, we were all fairly bitter. Sam wanted a showdown which Arjan ended up organizing. Sam, Rob, Arjan and I met in a coffee shop. I don’t think Scott [Shantibaba] was there. They accused me of bringing down Hortapharm and I accused them of destroying the Dutch scene in order to get a monopoly. They came with their rationalizations the end justifying the means etc, but neither of us denied anything much. Nothing was achieved and we never saw each other again.” —N.

What do you think would happen to the world cannabis seed market if Nevil ever restarted his original Seed Bank in Australia and began shipping seeds globally wherever cannabis is legal? I’m hoping someday he takes on this mission and wrests back a dominant share of the seed marketplace, the one he’d captured before George Soros and his agents around the world were put in place, seemingly to manifest genetically-modified cannabis patented by Monsanto, because that’s the direction they seem to be headed in. Soros is funding the marijuana movement on many levels, as well as a big chunk of the alternative media.

And in closing this blog, I’m reminded of another suspicious piece of evidence. A reporter in Australia recently wrote an article on Nevil’s planned re-emergence, and was able to locate the key snitch who informed on Nevil to bring him down, and it turned out to be someone who worked for Nevil for four years, who owns a cannabis fertilizer company today and claims to have grown all the early Cup winners with his hydro solutions. In fact, he is likely taking credit for Nevil’s formulas, after snitching him out to the Feds. And nobody seems to notice, least of all the crackpot trying to use me as a mirror, who promotes the snitch’s product line.

And speaking of stealing credit, this awakens the long-slumbering memory of Nevil showing me how to make waterhash in his kitchen in the Castle in the early 1990s. The water coming from his tap was a micro degree above freezing and he put ground buds in a jar, filled it with tap water, and the resin floated to the bottom. No need for any patents or silkscreens. Funny how Nevil’s satori moment got turned into everyone else’s idea but Nevil’s.

So when people ask me who is the real King of Cannabis, I have to tell the truth: the title moves around depending on who has the center of gravity on cannabis seeds at any given moment in history. But Nevil was the first to establish the crown in our lifetimes. And as a past champion, he will always retain the possibility of a comeback. In fact, I’ll lace up the gloves for that mission if it means unseating Monsanto.


10 thoughts on “Who is the real King of Cannabis?

  1. Interesting that there are no comments yet, other than mine. Ray? Perhaps the truth cut too close to the quick. Rock on Nevil! The haters will hate you, but your truth is the real truth.


  2. It is my great fortune to have been a part of the events which led to NL and other strains reaching Nevil from Seattle in 1985, just about exactly 30 years ago. Greg M.’s trip which took NL to Nevil is the same trip on which the method I had recently invented– Sea of Green–went from me, to Nevil, to SSSC.
    That I invented it can be verified by going through the Sinsemilla Tips Magazine issues from 1984-1986, asking Tom Alexander (who published Sinsemilla Tips Magazine) or asking “Jorge” if he’d ever heard of it before mutual customers (I was running Hydro-Tech.) came in talking about this new method they’d heard about from me. OR, find a copy of my first book–Growing Indoors for Fun and Profit– (Good luck. It came out in 1985, there were only 3000 printed and it was paperbound.) where you’ll find it.
    Anyway, it is not an unfounded rumor that Nevil is coming back.

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  3. First, that lunatic Joe Pietri should NEVER be believed about anything other than that feminization, selfing and auto-flower are genetic abominations, but I digress.
    Nevil was a huge factor in the development of modern international cannabiculture. In 1985 he was visited by a guy from Seattle–Greg M. What Greg brought Nevil was Northern Lights and eleven other strains and the Sea of Green method.The Sea of Green was invented by me and I am very tired of not being given the credit for what is, so far, the outstanding achievement of my life. I offer John Howell (publisher of High Times in 1985), Dean Latimer (editor? of HT in1985), Tom Alexander Publisher of Sinsemilla Tips magazine) or Nevil himself as witnesses. He will be giving his first interview in year in the next couple of months, on my show.
    But it wasn’t a one way street. Greg brought rockwool to the USA.


    • Flowering clones was common in the hydroponic industry before cannabis cultivators discovered the technique. I first became aware of it when I visited the S.S.S.C. in Holland, although they told me they learned it from the indoor vegetable industry. So you may have been the first to initiate the technique in the States, but unless you gave it to SSSC, they picked it up independently.


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  5. Mr. Lap, a Dutch health and IT regulatory lawyer in Amsterdam, has extensive experience in Europe with health care and drug policy, medical cannabis regulation, substance use policy, IT project management, digital security policy, food and medicine regulation, and other governmental and private sector consulting. Mr. Lap currently serves as Director, Foundation on Drug Policy and Human Rights, and Director, Drugtext Foundation, and as a Director of various private ventures. Mr. Lap also served as Director of Sales of Apcare B.V., Director of Yalado International B.V., Founder and Director, Calyx Internet B.V. and Calyx Internet Corporation, Professor at the Rechercheschool (Dutch National Police Academy), Head of the Legal and Policy Department of the Netherlands Institute on Alcohol and Other Drugs, and Head of Legal and Policy Department, and Pilot Project of European Monitoring Center on Drugs and Drug Addiction. mario lap is a journalist/. really? which story is he writing?


  6. This is what I’m not getting, why would Neville put on the label of his own product that he ‘endorsed’ or ‘used’ a product that he ‘owned’? That makes no sense…people don’t generally advertise that they endorse their own product, do they!?!? Here’s what gives…I found some old Formula 1 product labels from back then, that shows Neville “endorsed” and “used” Rockwool Formula 1…not that he “owned” it…so, seeing that the product labels provide proof that he endorsed/used this product, why is anyone saying that it was stolen from him?


  7. Conman Sam was Fed from the start. His father was probably a freemason politician, thats how these things get started. The end goal of ’37s prohibition was corporate takeover. Thats how far ahead they plan their $$$ monopoly.

    Sam said 2 weeks ago, on his little ego playground, that he was in Santa Cruz when Barry Seals family moved there after Barry’s death (Feb 86). I’ve been hearing for years that Skunkman was already in Europe before Sacred Seeds bust.

    This is a man who has admitted to wanting all the genes, admitted working with authorities to collect them, says he hates the western cannabis scene, and loves to kill imperfect genetics. Fast forward, we see who Skunkman was collecting for. The motive is clear. The method (DEA) is clear. What Skunkman didn’t expect was to be kicked to the curb.

    After GW tells Skunkman to screw off, he reverts back to the “useless” western Cannabis as his claim to fame and very namesake. After seizing these useful genes and handing them to Bayer,and being toldtold to get lost, you would think Skunkman would see the irony in what he did. But no, he clamors for attention from the scene he once hated.. “Oh i have the material all you lousy western breeders want, Im just not interested in skunk, its no good. Im retired. But worship me for Skunk #1.” It makes no sense. Its sad really. Pretending to be a grower after being Monsantos pawn for 3 decades.. Sad. Guess he knows he can’t speak up or he’ll get killed, sp why doesn’t he just go away? Everyone has abandoned him but his ego.


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