Blazing through the Big Industry Show by Jason “Lightning Yoda” Gerry

Jerome Baker and Jason Gerry

Jerome Baker and Jason Gerry

Denver, Colorado, April 15, 2015
Jack and I hopped into the yellow school bus and we rolled on down the road to the Big Industry Show in Denver. On our way we stopped by the dab tower in LoDo to get properly motivated for the cannabis industry trade show. Well shit!, there was over two hundred vendors selling everything from fine art, dab and flower rigs and bongs of shapes and sizes yet to be imagined by anyone but the most high of the high. There were rolling papers the the size of bed sheets all the way to perfectly pre-rolled empty cones with filter for your filling pleasure. Enails, Electric e-pens, ceramic nails, glass nails, titanium nails, 747 nails, even this uber slick vacuum gas pump soda straw style dab apparatus attachment. There was gardening supplies, fertilizers, super double your yield shit, bat shit , chicken shit, worm shit and yes horse shit but that’s some good shit, apparel, accessories, vaporizers and this random section entitled miscellaneous with things that you wouldn’t believe.

That being said I needed to get focused. I could get artistically high, but not couch-lock high. We had a plan. We had vendors that we needed to meet, and deals we needed to close. We were here for a reason. I’m always on the sleuth for Abakus, however this pressing matter involved “The Smoke Shop,” a glass, gifts, souvenirs and art gallery/emporium about to open in Alma Colorado at the elevation of 10,582 feet with a zip code of 80420.

Most important, we wanted to find Jerome Baker Glass Designs, Nectar Collectors, Glow Industries, 420 supply, and best value vac, and a few other details, before we got distracted by the copious amount of cannaproducts that will soon be on the shelves of your local headshop. After seven dings of the elevator we reached the Penthouse Suite. I’m not sure what was hotter, the view of Denver’s sky line or the e-nail. A little Colorado kush shatter for lasting comfort, a poke and a few tokes of some Silver Haze x Diesel to liven up the step and a little Grape Ape bubblehash through a Mobius water bubbler. Oh, I almost forgot the 20 megs of Incredibles white chocolate. As I turned towards the door, the host Ryan finished brewing his hand-ground slow-drip island coffee and poured me a cup for the ride. Did you you want some coconut sugar with that?

Next thing I know it’s like fucking frogger, crossing market street, driving I-25. Thank god I’m in the passenger seat and the bus is safety yellow. Denver is full of people all going somewhere. Just where some are going, we’ll never know. The bus lurches to a stop at the sprawling Denver Mart and we eject with our preregistered, printed tickets in hand. I get a free wrist waxing as the lady attaches the wrist bands glue to my arm. We are in!

And shit, like a squirrel, butterfly, or scared hare we are suddenly all over the place. “Check this out…did you see that…whoohoo….check this. Stop! Follow the plan! Find JBG! Center isle, three rows down on the left and follow the tunnel! JBG was at the end.

It’s just the beginning for us. Our first glass order. And JB is there to take it. The man! One of the hardest working glass artists out there for many many years and counting and he is working the booth. Let me say this, JB not only knows how to flow with glass, that man can close a sale. We talked for a few and he went back on the rhyme moving his glass divine. The thing about tunnels is they lead you to the other side, so in we went… Damn! I love vape pens, convenient and effective. And bam! The glow at the end of the tunnel was Glow Industries. They are a one-stop shop for your headshop. We snagged a catalog titled Book of Revelations and talked with the Glow team. Later we moved along the vast rows of glass, lava stone and vape pens galore in booths lined through out the convention center. Occasionally I’d need to put on my sunglasses as we walked by cannabis plants growing under every type of light imaginable. You could feel the positive energy being emitted from the growing cannabis. People congregated by them enjoying their beauty. We turn the row and Nectar Collector is right in front of us. Stellar works of functional glass artistry with the infusion of Raven’s fine metal working delicately wrapping copper laden with fine crystals and stones perched on custom stands made with re-purposed gears from the inside of huge engines. Wow. Three thousand dollar bongs. Shit, the Green Goddess Nectar Collector collaboration piece in Ed Rosenthal’s book Beyond Buds is Louve quality, last I heard it was about $10,000. NC has branched out to offering vape pens and cool necklace nectar collectors with a nice leather tip protector so you don’t get branded…. I grabbed a sticker that says “just the tip please.”

There was a hallway leading to the hortiCulture grow expo area and a double glass door leading outside to the food vendor area. When the smell of food wafted through, it beat out the bright warm glow of the tunnel leading to the gazillions of lumens room. As we stood in line a dude in a black Adidas jogging suit says come over to the RV. Then fist pumps and yells TEXAS! As we approach the huge rear engine Prevost bus it hits us! Ganja and grills! They had some cool pipes for sale, kava kava, urine cleaner and yes chicken burgers and cold water. Refueled and refreshed ready to enter the tunnel once more, an amazingly sweet lady from Oregon offers up a joint of her Oregonian sunshine weed. After a few tokes I can say that Oregon represents strongly. I raise my freshly waxed left hand as I enter the security gate gaining access to hippy heaven once again calling out to Jack, left? right? center? He replies center then exits stage right! Wwwhhhhaaaattt!!! We gotta get Munze’ at the airport he’s back from Florida just in time for the Cup. We walk towards the daylight through the tunnel for “the showcase of the world’s top glass artists” and meander around gorgeous intricate cannabis delivery devices. We bust out into the cool Colorado air and hop into Da Bus with a feeling of success. I pull out the big industry guide book, reach into my shirt pocket and grab the “pure hemp” papers the rep gave me inside, pulled out some nugs and spin up a fat one. He’s been in Florida a long time. A Colorado welcome fatty. There’s just something special about that simple delivery device we call a J….


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