Report from Spain by Mojamba

DabADooWax (800x450)Before I can start to report on Barcelona you should know I´m a guy from Germany, a country trapped in medieval times when it comes to drug policy. Needless to say, cannabis is illegal in Germany, and there are no comparable events like the Spannabis, which happens every year in Barcelona. It was my first cannabis trade show and amazing to see how big the European industry has grown despite of the restrictions, although because of the new, so-called “grow shop law” which took place in the Netherlands on March the 1st, the Dutch industry is starting to suffer.

It was not my first trip to Spain, but my very first visit in Barcelona. After reading a lot about the Cannabis Social Clubs in this City, I was curious to see what´s going on there.
But after short relaxing in the hotel, we first went to visit the famous Dab-A-Doo and meet our friends from Nor Cal Genetics and Delta 9 Labs. It was a huge smoke-in with friendly people and a good spirit. Pretty impressing for a guy from Germany to see people dab that much concentrates, it felt a little bit like the German Oktoberfest for Cannabis enthusiasts.

DabADoo1 (800x450)The location was nice and the atmosphere was familiar, people were dabbing all the time and testing the different entries, before the winners were announced and the after show party begun. After a nice talk to Marc Emery and a delicious dab from my buddy Jon Das, I was too stoned to take more pictures and unable to stay much longer. I deeply regret I didn’t had the chance to thank Mila from Pollinator Crew for the invitation to this legendary event.

On Friday we moved over to the Spannabis. After a long sleep and several joints and dabs with Markus, that wicked guy from Austria who was in the same hotel, we drove to the fair in Cornellá by Car. Many people were waiting at the counter to get their tickets and the crowd was getting bigger and bigger. Luckily the counter for press accreditation was empty so we got inside without any waiting time.

Jorge Cervantes

Jorge Cervantes

When walking through the main entrance, the first thing to see was a fast food heaven with a tasty smell of barbecue all around. A DJ on a stage turned the scene into a party with smoking stoners everywhere. The fair was held in one hall and two big tents, where about 200 companies had a booth to present many interesting products. Everybody was smoking weed and the security didn’t gave a shit about it, even though smoking inside was prohibited. I guess this trade show-sheriffs were kind of confused to separate the smoke of flowers from the smoke of the extracts, which obviously were allowed to smoke at the stands inside. For me, the most impressing experience was to take a hit from the Sublimator with its smooth and gentle taste.

Also I was happy to see my friend Nol van Schaik. The Dutch coffeeshop entrepreneur did a nice video reporting about the fair and the Hemp Museum for John Dope TV from the UK. You can find the videos on their you tube channel:

Thanks to my friend Edu, who is an executive of the HQ Association we knew where to go after the fair and so we went to the city center to become members of a Cannabis Social Club. We had to pay a yearly fee of € 30,- to enter the Club and buy some flowers. The club is a really nice place and more similar to a bar or a nightclub than to the coffeeshops of Amsterdam.

On Saturday evening we went to the the Secret Cup, a 3 day concentrate contest which took place in Barcelona for the first time. The Cup was located in a private villa in the suburbans and hosted by Jeremy and MJ. We were very happy to hang around and dab with Giddy Up and many other lovely people from the United States, Canada, Poland and several other countries. Because of a misunderstanding we unfortunately missed day two of the event on Sunday and stayed at HQ again this evening.

Because we had to fly back home on Monday morning we couldn’t be part of the final show of the Secret Cup, which took place in the Hemp Museum of Barcelona. But we enjoyed our time in Barcelona very much anyway and we will definitely come back soon. To see how relaxed and liberal Catalonia handles Cannabis, was a refreshing experience for a true child of German prohibition like I am.


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