Letter to the Commissioners requesting a Peace Ceremony

mapforADear County Commissioners:

Abakus Media is striving to set the high bar in responsible cannabis tourism and we held our first event at the Gant resort in Aspen last August. It had 120 attendees and four exhibitors. Tommy at the Gant can tell you about us as he runs their Convention Center.

Tommy will tell you we do ceremonies, and take them seriously, and believe cannabis enhances them. But we also believe in keeping intoxicants away from children, and not promoting them, so we don’t use cannabis as part of our ceremonies, but privately when adults are alone.

Our staff is entirely volunteer, and no speakers nor performers are paid to appear, so they are volunteers as well. We do not advertise our ceremonies except through social media and our Abakus website.

Much of Hager’s income for the past decade has been lecturing students on responsible cannabis use, a message he has delivered to over 300 major colleges and universities over the last 14 years, and one he’ll gladly deliver free in your town if invited. He may be the most effective spokesperson in curbing teen cannabis abuse in America. We encourage you to contact Robert Stutman, retired, former head of NY Drug Enforcement Agency, the most respected narcotics officer in America, to confirm these statements.

We’d like to hold a peace ceremony in your town, one that will leave a palpable warm glow for days after we depart. Our events are designed to show how to responsibly integrate cannabis into civilized society without endangering children.

Even though our staff is all-volunteer, many are exceptionally well-trained and we have registered nurses and EMT’s among us. We are also trained in non-violent, non-confrontational security, and love sharing techniques with local law enforcement officers. Most of us have 30-years experience working with events of up to 30,000 people, and these include the Rainbow Family Gatherings and WHEE! festivals.

But we expect only between 500 and 1,000 attendees should you allow us to move forward with our ceremony in your town. The ceremony is free to attend, and I believe once word got into your community, some of your curious citizens might come check us out and have a very positive experience as a result. This is what happened at the Gant when people renting condos that week stumbled into our temple in operation. And yes, there was no smoking allowed in the temple.

We’d confine all cannabis use to an enclosed tent, and alcohol to an on-site licensed bar, and enforce wristbands for admission to these two separate areas. We are multicultural and respect all religions and attempt to harmonize them, embracing all, offending none.

Would you welcome our ceremony? Because we believe it is the antidote to the explosion of violence infecting society, and can prove it if given the chance.

If you don’t want us, let us know now and we’ll shift our plan in another direction. However, if the concept of a peace ceremony intrigues you, we’ll gladly jump through all hoops to fulfill any safety requirements.


Steven Hager
Jason Gerry
Production Manager


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