Cannabis Grand Cru kicks off by Jason Gerry

B2fm8H7CAAAXEbjThe Cannabis Grand Cru started the evening with snow blanketing Aspen making it a winter wonderland of cannabis enthusiasts. The conversations being held at the Sky Hotel were very diverse, although all on the topic of cannabis. The event started appropriately with yoga by King Yoga, an excellent way to prepare for seminars on medables and extractions.

The first session involved cannabis tropicals, edibles and oils led by John Hunt, James Kennedy, Deloise and Elyse, a discussion that focused on quality seed for sale, finding a balanced terpene profile, and layering medicine through the day by preparing everyday meals with cannabis. One of the more interesting correlations I heard was bud being corn-on-the-cobb, while concentrates are more like can of creamed corn. John Hunt from Terp-X is certainly one of the more intelligent cannabis extract artists working today.

IMG_20141115_100852_212The Second session was on hydrocarbon extractions and led by James Kennedy, Jordan Psigoda and Ryan Abemathy, who gave an illuminating seminar on all the wonderful parts of cannabis that can be extracted to work with our endocannabinoid system. There’s much positive energy in this community, and this gathering of like-minded individuals is certainly unique. The comment I keep hearing is how everyone wants to work together to produce the highest quality products and the days of cutthroat competition are numbered. And on that note it’s odd having government “green team” not-so friendly vibes looming in the background, watching and learning. Hopefully they’ll soon realize we all want America healthy and safe. The staff at the Sky commented on how much more respectful the Grand Cru attendees are as opposed to the fraternity that was here last weekend. I hope our positive vibes ring clearly throughout the lands.


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