Love’s Oven Cannabis Extraction by Alec Pearce

Located In Denver, Colorado, Love’s Oven is mostly known to our readers as a producer of award-winning edibles, having won a first place at the Abakus Munchie Cup in August, but they also produce extracts, from waxes to winterized oils. Recently, I was lucky enough to be invited to photograph their operation and visit the wax masters.

lo1smShown here is the State certified closed loop N-Butane extractor. Notice the large charge tube which contains up to a pound of plant material as well as the certified yellow recovery pump, a very necessary item in the closed loop process, as well as a cooling jacket which helps with temperature control of the recovery vessel during extraction.

Many dispensaries bring “pre-run” also known as trim or shake to Love’s Oven facility in order to extract the cannabinoids into various forms and products because they have the state-of-the-art equipment.
lo2smExtracted material is placed into a vacuum oven, and after several hours of heat and vacuum, all traces of butane are removed and the result is ready to be weighed and divided. Josh removes a sample from the vacuum oven.
lo3smA Love’s Oven employee weighs cannabis wax. This wax will be sold to a local dispensary.
As I was photographing this operation, a representative from a composting company arrived to remove the waste product, which is accounted for and disposed of by the State of Colorado.
lo4smThe contents of these orange buckets is turned into compost according to State regulations.

Many products are produced here from the closed loop extractor and sold in many dispensaries around the state. The closed loop extractor is one of the Grey Wolf designs from Skunk Pharm Research. These are some of the cleanest and most complete N-Butane extraction processes here in Colorado.
lo5smClose-up of a fully purged product ..

lo6smUsed filters after the extraction process are shown here.

These filters are used in the charge tube that filters out the smaller particles preventing them from contaminating the final product with vegetal matter.
lo7smQuality cannabis products are the signature of the Love’s Oven extraction. They provide extracts for wholesale, retail and for the medical market here in Colorado. If you look for the Love’s Oven label, you can be assured of quality.

The Abakus Flower Cup will be held in a few weeks between Christmas and New Year’s, and the next Munchie Cup is scheduled for late May. Stay tuned to for more information.


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