Abakus welcomes Paul Stanford

150372_164337076938757_7010604_nI’m pleased to announce the appointment of Paul Stanford as Publisher of Abakus.

Paul’s first priority will be taking charge of the website and digital edition, but he’s also interested in expanding the Abakus events and print editions.

For those unfamiliar with Paul’s long and celebrated history in cannabis activism (combined with business savvy), here are the details:

Entrepreneur with expertise in hemp & cannabis. Business and nonprofit management. Primary author of the Cannabis Tax Act legislation and working for over 30 years for hemp and cannabis legalization. Founder & president of USA’s largest medical marijuana clinics with doctors helping patients get their states’ permit to legally possess, use & grow herb; over 150,000 patients helped in 12 states. Proficient in Mandarin Chinese/ Putonghua/ Beijinghua. Arranged financing and bank letters of credit for import/export of cargo container shipments of hemp products to and from Asia, Europe and North America. Expert court witness on marijuana and medicinal cannabis. Produced and hosted over 500 episodes of live TV programs. Produced and announced radio shows and advertising. Sales of tangibles and intangibles. Licensed securities issuer-salesperson. Author of articles published in magazines and books. Award winning cannabis cultivator. Associate producer and actor of a dramatic film, The Green Goddess. Will only plan and work on win-win scenarios. Continually striving for self actualization.




9 thoughts on “Abakus welcomes Paul Stanford

  1. Steve, Perfect opportunity to write….I am in {Portland, and my sister is in cannabis treatment. We get our med oil from StoneyGirlGardens, a name I believe you are familiar with. Your appointment of Paul Stanford is very interesting to me. Here’s why: we are becoming ever more aware of the all US state’s legistlative issues, and the degrees to which these laws affect quality access to the medicine. Not all state’s medical marijuhana laws are equal. In fact, many passed laws laws are misnomers, as the war on drugs mentality is woven into the med mj laws. This prejudice causes many extra hurdles for patients seeking this care. I have deduced that Oregon is the best place for someone seeking this care. That is because the State Law welcomes out-of-staters. I would be happy to outline the steps for you or Abakus or anyone if they would like to contact me. We arrived Oct. 8 in Portland. The next day, Danielle was getting her med’s, working from a 1/20 g dose, 7 days later, to her 1 gram a day dose. She is acclimated, and I see already many good signs in her. Remember, she was let go by her oncologists in Chicago, and told there was “…nothing more they could do…” So, she was a very sick person. Now, we have her comfortably situated in Portland. She’s taking her medicine, and getting a lot of pampering, massages, etc. Her prettiness is returning, and for the first time in a long long time, I see her smile……We have her at a point where she takes her gram befor bedtime, and wakes comfortably in the AM. Dosing this way allows her to be active during the day. She has become active, and her appetite is returning….so there ya go….sleep and the munchies! Blessed be, Steve…..

    cell: (815)382-0075 – Tony Byrnes – Date: Mon, 20 Oct 2014 13:14:19 +0000 To: tonybyrnes@msn.com


  2. It would be great to get a post from you on moving to Oregon as the best place and issues involved. Paul’s referral system has full rights among many states, and allows patients to get licensed in one state and visit other states with full medical rights intact.

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  3. Steve,
    After we arrived in Portland, we were interviewed by a licensed doctor in the Oregon Medical Marijuhana Program (OMMP.) This doctor assisted us in our application for Dani’s status as an Oregon Medical Marijuhana Patient (OMMP.) She mailed this application via certified mail to the Oregon State Health Department. With her certified receipt she was able to visit a licensed OMMP grower of the cannabis plant. Here she obtained her medicine which is a super reduction of the whole cannabis plant. Several pounds of medicine grade species went into the pot to reduce to 90 grams. At a gram ingested each day for 90 days, Dani should see some pretty remarkable improvement in her health. This area of the country is flooded with stories about remarkable cures, which derive from the famous Canadien, Rick Simpson, and his short film, “Run From The Cure.” The superreduced syrup is commonly referred to as Rick Simpson Oil (RSO.)
    Thus far in our sojourn West, we have met many many incredibly beautiful people. We seem to be in the right place, at the right time.


    • I wrote the first national magazine article on Rick Simpson, and it produced a highly negative reaction from most of the activist community, which stunned me. But I did give a short speech in front of the University of Illinois Biochemistry department on Saturday and I urged them to reclaim their heritage as the leading center of cannabis research. (Roger Adams first isolated the cannabinoids in a secret project for the military as possible use as a truth serum.) But I told them that cannabis cures cancer and if an enterprising chemist would just jump to the front of the line and study the entire 85 cannabinoids and 120 terpenes, and not try to make a single molecule medicine, a noble prize was waiting. My speech brought down the house and I was surrounded by some of the biggest cancer researchers in the country asking me questions and giving me their email addresses.

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      • Steve, Can you share some of those address? Or, can I send you a polling-flyer and if you will, please forward it to these researchers ? Their answers to 25 quick choice polling questions will be very useful…which of course I would share with you….
        (By the way, you say 85 cannabinoids and 120 terps is the range of the plant…that is why we were recommended the WHOLE plant extract for the RSO…can discuss later…)


  4. Steve,
    I know your article was the first, nationally. If it were not for your article, I doubt I would ever have heard about Rick Simpson. Once again, I send my thanks to you…even though Rick Simpson is a fugitive today….
    I can understand why the activist community withheld accolades for RS when you first published on this topic. Gosh…how long ago was that?

    I would like to meet an M.D. here in Portland in the next day or two to discuss this fraught proposition. Do you or Paul know any?

    We are still in Portland, but we have thoughts of returning to our home state, Illinois. Dani is homesick. She misses her grandkids. O well, WTF!

    It appears (much to my consternation) that we may leave Oregon, for Illinois. Oregon’s laws are really great for our purposes. However, Illinois is far from ready. Illinois is no where near ready to implement its rmedical marijuhannla program that is due January 1, 2015. I bet it will be a mess. I can see that no one patient is going to legally get the medicine they need…That state is a joke. The licensing greed for dispensary and grower permits is obscene. The end result will be not funny…and medical marijuhanna will not be dispensed readily in Illinois. Just take a look at where things are now and you will see what I mean. I can give you plenty of intel on that….hello Pritzkers and Wirtzs’ anyone? haha….

    Steve, that brings me to Paul Stanford, because he knows about civic and medical recipricocity among states. This involves the rights of citizens who may be prescribed in one state, but prosecuted in another. These are not fair rules for the ordinary human being to labor under as their medicine cabinet is legal in one state but is dangerously illegal in another state….

    Is Paul’s good work available online? Is he taking phone calls? I think I could use some help in the next couple of days as I plan my tribe’s next moves…I really need an intense primer…(help!) How best do you see I go?
    Thanks, Steve.
    By the way, “GO ILLINI!”
    There is a world-famous cancer research institute in Portland, Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU) that I am trying to headhunt. Supposedly they offer some courses in cannabis therapy. I want to find some cancer cure physicians who will discuss openly some of these issues. However, I think MD’s everywhere are terrified to testify on behalf of cannabis cures. It’s been slow to get a handle here, but I know one exists.
    Anyhow, I bet some of those bio-chemists might have ties out here in Portland. I’d like to headhunt that. Any leads?
    Blessed be…..

    Steve, do you have a recording of your speech ? Maybe we can get you on TED talks. Seriously.


  5. You can message Paul through facebook, that’s how I usually talk to him. He has connections with hundreds of doctors. And I should have a video of my speech in front of the biochem department, I’ll try to get that up on my Youtube site.


  6. Steve,
    At U of I…this is where your Dad was Emeritus? You posted recently about that, right?
    Among the Biologists, Botanists at that most wonderfully endowed University…GO ILLINI!…and so many thanks again to you Steve. Was your CU Sojourn fun with McNaughtt, Cole & et al?
    Man, blessed be…..!
    man I am really f…. up….bye pal!

    Hey, were you not a pal of Pete Titus (& Elke?), and his neighbors, the Frank Gallo’s Sculpture fine art studio production staff (including models…?) OMG! ? & et al., ..I am truly fucked up….but you are more than cool….! O Steve, please forgive me for missing a few connections here as to who you are….
    I must regain my composure….I need bio chem, geeks, to budget a congressional level fund request for clinical trials for cannabis cures for cancer for the new 2015 USCongress.

    And….well, you are the man…………………


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