Ed Rosenthal’s Beyond Buds reviewed by Lightning Yoda

IMG_20141010_200245_517I crack open Ed Rosenthal’s new book, Beyond Buds, fresh from the express envelope and begin to read the dedication to Ann and Sasha Shulgin “pioneers in mind exploration.” Yes….modern day alchemists, a concept I can relate to and one that helped prepare me for what I was about to discover: cutting-edge knowledge and wisdom. I’ll be happy to have this on my coffee table for years to come because the information is worthy of a modern day alchemist’s library—a treasure to be lent out only to the closest of confidants.

The book is easy to read for beginners or anyone wanting to make oil products. There are in-depth explanations to various ways to consume cannabis and even non-cannabis users looking for help will be delighted with the book’s accessibility. Well laid-out in progressive chapters from water hash, CO2 BHO, bhang lassis, salves & tinctures and beyond. Some books fade out toward the end, but this one gathers momentum and the appendixes are so extensive you may be tempted to read it backwards. It will help you understand how cannabis works through the endocannabinoid system. The list of references reveals an incredible amount of research was invested to create this distinguished guide.
If cannabis holds a spot dear to your heart, this book belongs in your library and I highly urge you check out a copy. Even if you don’t plan on growing your own medicine or making your own oils, it will help you make educated decisions.

Eat, Smoke, Sleep and Stay Kind
One Love.,. LightningYoda


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