Inside Flower Power Botanicals by Alec Pearce

DSC_3573ALocated in Fort Collins, Colorado, Flower Power Botanicals operates one of the biggest commercial cannabis cultivation operations in Northern Colorado. The dispensary employes 22 people and cultivates over 50 varieties of cannabis. Over 300 different cannabis products are available inside. It’s a friendly, clean, secure facility…. a wonderful sight for drug-war refugees visiting Colorado for a taste of real cannabis freedom. Home to Colorado State University, Fort Collins is the 4th largest city in Colorado with a population around 150,000. It has been frequently listed by Money magazine as one of the best places in America to live.

The town’s Main Street was copied by Disney because of its iconic appearance and the town has long been known as a refuge for conservative citizens. In fact, alcohol remained illegal in Fort Collins until a student-led revolt took place in 1969.

DSC_3530AInside their 500 square-foot grow room, plants are in the last stages of flowering and flushing. After multiple flushes to remove any trace of the General Hydroponics nutrients, the flowers will be harvested. General Hydro products are used exclusively and the dispensary has developed a unique and secret process for flushing out all hydroponic solutions.

Their grow facility contains two vegetative rooms, one mother room, and a curing room, where buds are slowly cured under carefully controlled temperatures and humidity before being hand-trimmed prior to sale.

DSC_3442AWhen in the neighborhood, be sure and stop by this amazing shop, located at 1308 Duff Drive.

You can also visit their website at

For $100 you can obtain a one-gram sample of their top seven strains, which works out to around $15 per gram, the going rate for high-end cannabis flowers in the Colorado recreational marketplace.


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