Munchie Cup Goddesses by Alec Pearce

1779046_804156632946811_1930129350_nJackie from Amsterdam was High Priestess for the first Munchie Cup and also the one person who traveled the furthest (from Holland) to attend the event. Jackie is one of the most informed people on ganja in the Nederlands, as well as a medical patient herself, and grows some of the best grass in Amsterdam. She’s most famous for rolling the biggest, tastiest, pure joints around.

Immediately after Grandmaster Caz was announced as the High Priest for the ceremonies, Jackie sent a message to Munchie Cup founder Steve Hager asking who was going to be High Priestess, to which Hager replied: “You are!”

It’s no secret the Amsterdam pot scene is in decline, and many are now saying Spain might become the new center of cannabis tourism, but Abakus is betting Aspen will soon transform into the ultimate stoner vacation destination.

Since Jackie and I know each other well from Amsterdam, she wasn’t surprised to find me now in Colorado. “Like rats leaving the sinking ship,” she said.

DSC_3694AGrandmaster Caz may have been the Master of Ceremonies, but he arrived with his own Goddess, Cora, who became noticeably blissed-out on the Munchie Cup vibrations. “This is the best working vacation ever!” she exclaimed after a day in town. Caz and Cora are true hip hop royalty and we were certainly blessed to be able to connect with them in such an intimate and luxurious setting.

Speaking of which, a lavish free breakfast was served to all attendees every morning from 9 AM until noon, and at dusk every night, a rooftop party with free food and open bar was held that included free dab hits. And since there were only 13 judges, everyone got to know each other over the fours days many were in Aspen. In the end, though, only seven of the judges voted.

I don’t know if Caz and/or Cora filled out a ballot, but I do know they were both munching on the Hot Salty Nutz from Loves Oven frequently during the event. So it came as no surprise their favorite munchie at the event ended up winning one of the Munchie Cups.

Judging from their reaction, it’s safe to say the Munchie Cup is a good place for couples looking to get married or renew vows.

DSC_3976And speaking of Hot Salty Nutz, that was just one of many creations unveiled at the event masterminded by Hope, one of several chefs working for Loves Oven. After two days of testing medibles some judges were noticeably getting a bit foggy in stonerville simply because they could not stop eating the medibles. I don’t know why cannabis-infused food tastes so much better than un-dosed food, but we couldn’t find anyone who could take just one bite from any of the munchies entered at the Munchie Cup.

Loves Oven, by the way, is run by Peggy Moore, who has assembled quite a crew, so much so she was instantly dubbed the Pussy Galore of Pot by founder Steve Hager when she first arrived at the event with her Goddess team in tow because they looked like a crew straight out of some James Bond movie.


DSC_3761 Last but certainly not least, I’ve known Serena from Arizona for a dozen years and was certainly glad she was able to attend the event. The second she entered the Gant Convention Center, Serena was dubbed Munchie Girl by the Temple Dragon Crew guarding the ceremonial spaces. After being recruited into the Grand Lodge of the Pot Illuminati, she was given all the best Abakus gear.

Note the incredible rare and hard-to-find Pot Illumnati pin on the top of her Abakus cap? The debut cover of Abakus, as well as the Munchie Cup teeshirt, were both designed by Jeff Wood, one of the most talented rock poster artists of our time. Check out his website at

The Abakus gear will soon be available at


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