Munchie Cup Opening Address by Grandmaster Caz

by Grandmaster Caz
The Gant, Aspen, Colorado
4:20 PM, August 18, 2014

Man, I been smoking’ weed since they called it reefer

Since then I’ve learned the term “cannabis sativa”

And I’ve smoked more than Steve, Snoop and Queen Latifah combined….

Don’t pay me no mind, I’m high; but I’m here fresh off a ping of kush from my new friend the King of Kush

Judgin’ the first Munchies Cup out here in Aspen

This is another place I can say my ass has been

Where I’m from you used to buy a bag of weed

And after you took out the sticks and seeds, you had about 7 joints in a big bamboo

If you was smart you sold five and smoked two

That was back in the by we call the Boogie Down

When the majority of the weed we saw was brown

Sold in trey and nicklebags through a hole in the door

Lucky we ain’t gotta do that no more

Not here. ‘Cause we’re in Colorado getting’ Rocky Mountain High

They got the medicines in these plants that’ll get you by

And for those of us who smoke an’ ain’t sick

You know the reason why

We’re Rocky Mountain High In Colorado (Aspen); Rocky Mountain High in Colorado

I gotta thank Steven for flying’ me out with the wife and literally we’ve never been this high in our life

Not to mention the altitude when we came for the ride

Nobody told us we were crossin’ the Continental Divide

But thanks to Jason our driver and guide the sights were breathtaking; We made it alive

So to the Pot Illuminati and the Temple Dragons, let’s recruit the brotherhood onto the bandwagon

Cannabis for all— smoke, oil, drinks or medibles

Simple put my friends salute…

This shit is incredible.


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