Munchie Cup Schedule of Events

Sunday, August 17

4:20 PM: Pre-registration at the Temple in Aspen. Pre-paid judges desiring an early start on testing edibles can pick up their credentials and ballots. Please note: ballots must be turned in no later than 4:20 PM on Tuesday, August 19. Contact for more information on pre-registration.

Monday, August 18

8 AM: Breakfast for exhibitors at the Gant

9 AM: Exhibitor set-up in expo hall; Judge’s breakfast council.

Noon: Expo Opens

4:20 PM: Temple Dragon Opening Ceremonies hosted by Grandmaster Caz at the Gant

5 PM: History of Cannabis Seminar with Steven Hager, Editor of Abakus

6 PM: Cooking with Cannabis seminar by Francis Lewis

7 PM: Expo closes/Judges’ council on the roof

Tuesday, August 19

9 AM: Expo opens; Judge’s breakfast council

4:20 PM Temple Dragon Ceremony with Grandmaster Caz, Fantuzzi and the Temple Dragon Band

5 PM: Cultivation Seminar with Bret Bogue, the King of Kush

6 PM: Awards Show with Grandmaster Caz, Fantuzzi and the Temple Dragon Crew (limited to 150 people, advance ticket required)

7 PM: Performance by Split Window

8 PM: Expo closes

August 20

4:20 PM: Temple Dragon Ceremony at Owl Farm (sold out).


2 thoughts on “Munchie Cup Schedule of Events

  1. Hi Steve, Just checking…I contributed to Abakus Kickstarter ($200) and was wondering if I could transfer my goodies to a friend of mine as I will not be able to attend……. Best wishes, TONY


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