A new stoner style is here

1625731_10152220376783343_1986234147_nMeet Grandmaster Caz, one of the principle architects of Hip Hop, and also founding member of the Grand Lodge of the Pot Illuminati (PI). Like the rest of PI, Caz has a very elevated sense of style and fashion.

So when people ask me what to wear to the Munchie Cup ceremonies next month, I tell them to wear whatever they want, but they should know the Pot Illuminati dresses to the nines and can outshine just about anyone.

One of the greatest stylemasters of PI is Fred Brathwaite, also known as Fab Five Freddy (below). You seldom see Fred without a fully realized and color-coordinated outfit.

The last 30 years have seen a gradual rundown on stoner fashion until teeshirts, jeans and kicks took over everything, with everything getting bigger, wider, looser in the process. The thing that seems to have improved dramatically in quality are the baseball-style hats thanks to companies like Grassroots in Denver raising the bar.

brooklyn-street-art-Jaime-jaime-rojo-fav-five-freddy-LA-MOCA-arts-in-the-streetsHere’s a recent picture of Fab Five in front of a graffiti mural. Vests are very popular amongst the Pot Illuminati and an easy way to add class to any outfit. Dressing up for important ceremonies reminds me of two counterculture subcultures: the original vipers with their zoot suits, and the British mods, spearheaded by bands like The Who, who took Carnaby Street fashion to its zenith. A lot of the mods worked as messenger boys on their scooters by day, and many dressed better than the CEO’s who ran the companies they worked for. Some think the mod obsession with style was a result of an addiction to pep pills, as cannabis was not yet widely available, and pills were everywhere, as they are now.

imagesOf course, Steve DeAngelo, founder of Harborside is another great example of this trend toward more style in the cannabis community. I remember when Stevie D dressed in jeans and tees and hung out at Rainbow Gatherings, now you find him mostly in board rooms where he is the best-dressed man in the room. There’s a time and place for all fashion styles, and I’m glad Stevie’s leading the charge to a new more dignified look to go with the New Pot Enlightenment.

So come one, come all to the Abakus Munchie Cup in Aspen, August 18 and 19 at the exclusive Gant resort and convention center, with an Awards Show at Dr. Hunter S. Thompson’s Owl Farm on August 20th. The expo and seminars are free to attend, but just because it’s free you don’t have to show up looking like a slob. In fact, if you want to blend in with the Pot Illuminati, you might take some style lessons from these masters.

My preferred look is closer to Carnaby Street as I like to blend in my garage rock sensibility from the 1960’s. There are a few others with similar tastes in PI, including one of NYC’s kings of garage, Dino Sorbello. Here’s our idea of a great look for a cannabis ceremony (below). Abakus plans to eventually release an entire line of high-end stoner fashions to help guide people into the new millennium. And by dressing up, you help give stoners a good name. And aren’t you looking for a velvet smoking jacket with a PI symbol on the breast?



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