Pot and Paranoia

10425527_10203826330239145_994999123_nPerhaps you saw the study yesterday proving pot enhances paranoia? Like we didn’t know about panic attacks until this came out?

So if you’re going to use cannabis recreationally, medicinally or for meditation and prayer, you should also learn some techniques for avoiding a paranoid meltdown.

One of my greatest spiritual teachers, Stephen Gaskin, told me to avoid falling into a dichotomy because life is faceted. Once you lose the colors, the black and white version can be a bit distorted to say the least.

But if you can clear your head, and enter a sacred space where no fear, hatred, bigotry, or telepathic violence of any kind exists, you can sometimes enter a dichotomy from both sides and blow it into facets. You can enter sacred space easily by doing anything that opens your heart chakra and thinking about the things you love. If you feel yourself being tugged in the opposite direction, realize there are negative vibrations in your mind interfering with this process. But since you control your mind, it’s usually easy to over-ride the subconscious momentarily and enter a loving space if only for a few minutes.

While you are in that space, imagine yourself on both sides of a dispute, one at a time. Imagine yourself born in Israel. Most of your ancestors were tortured and killed and you’ve seen relatives savagely murdered all your life. Your wonderful culture has been oppressed for centuries, and your warrior spirit has responded, as it must in these situations, and your heart is hard against your cultural enemies.

Now imagine yourself born in Israel, only you’ve been persecuted and abused and mentally tortured because of your wonderful culture. Your ancestors once ruled this place, but this antagonist culture moved in with immense wealth backing it, bought up all the best properties and industries, took over the government and changed the national language, flag and political system. Your people have been treated worse than blacks during slavery and your heart is hard against these alien invaders.

Notice all anyone does is pick sides? And no one talks about the reality. These cultures have been placed into conflict through sorcery. This is all part of the war for profit hoodwink and just as the Cold War was a scam to bloat the Military Industrial Complex, the situation in the Middle East cannot be solved by taking sides.

So next time you think one of your best friends is plotting behind your back for some silly reason, try to clear your mind and enter a sacred space and put yourself into their perspective and opening up that facet might help you avoid a paranoid meltdown.


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