Birth of Seal Team 420

cleanSealTeam420Once upon a time a dark sorcerer captured a baby Dragon and grew it to full powers and tricked it to vaporize his enemies by saying they were enemies of the Dragon family. The sorcerer quickly grew rich by pitting two tribal clans against each other, using the Dragon to vaporize some innocent people (usually children) and then blaming the tragic deaths on the opposing clan. In short time, harmony turned to constant rage and although the clans were related, they became bitter enemies while the sorcerer sold guns and medicines to both sides, and whenever hostilities would cease or a peace movement would break out, the sorcerer would send his Dragon out into the night to vaporize some children on both sides.

Along came a shaman apprentice who went around the globe for seven years meeting and learning from the greatest peace shamans of his time….and he started holding peace ceremonies and once that happened, the Dragon came along to vaporize him as usual, only the apprentice saw the Dragon coming and disappeared into the crowd.

The sorcerer searched for the shaman apprentice so he could roast him and blot out all ceremonies of peace, because peace is like a virus and will spread and injure profits of all merchants of war if those merchants don’t snuff it out. After seven years, the sorcerer discovered where the shaman apprentice was hiding, but when he sent the Dragon to roast him, a bunch of people wearing Seal Team 420 emblems held hands with the apprentice, formed a circle and started an OM. This team had been studying the powers of the Dragon for seven years and flew Dragon emblems and had some Dragon friends and knew how to speak Dragon through telepathy and were all saying: “We love you!” They were not trying to fight the Dragon, but love bomb him.

And while they were all roasted and toasted black and had smoke trails coming off their crispy hair, the shaman apprentice and Seal Team 420 all survived because the Dragon would not kill them. In fact, after realizing they were friends, the Dragon apologized and the Seal Team immediately began luring him into a plot to vaporize the sorcerer and finally put an end to his war for profit scam.


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