Be kind to the elders

cleanSealTeam420I identify with Jean Michel Basquiat. “If I tell you the truth of what I’ve done,” he said. “I’ll look like an egomaniac. Besides, it’s the end of all mystery.”

I did conduct one of the most penetrating interviews with Jean, and included the highlights of that conversation in my book Art After Midnight, long out-of-print and very costly in print, but also available as an ebook.

No one in the cannabis press seems very interested in me these days obviously, maybe that’s why I decided to create my own magazine.

Yeah, I birthed the hemp movement by promoting Jack Herer, turning him into a counterculture icon when the movement was treating him like a quack, and did a similar thing with cannabis and cancer when everyone was treating Rick Simpson as a quack, as many still do.

Not to mention I’m considered a quack by some. In reality, I’m just a single dad with two kids whose primary mission is to put my kids through college and everything else is pretty much a minor detail, but I do have a powerful spotlight mind and it used to get a lot of exercise. But the spotlight got shut down, and I grew cash poor, and walked in the desert for seven long years. But then I invented a set of seven candles. The entire saga is presented on facebook and I am sure thousands became convinced I had lost my mind and not discovered an important new tool. But I used them to solve the Kennedy assassination and at the same time make myself rich. Now that my kids future is secure, I’m returning to the other great love of my life: peace ceremonies and Improvisational Ritual Theater.

This is a good thing, like the return of war paint, Native chants, and OM circles to the NY media softball team games through Abakus magazine, to the Temple Dragon crew bringing their rich ceremonial history back to a major cannabis event in Aspen next month. People should really feel good about all of this because I went through seven years of emotional pain and now it is all over. Almost.

But as a longstanding grey hair, I want to know when do I achieve Jack Herer status?

I organized the first 420 ceremonies outside California, created the Cannabis Cup, and spent a lifetime researching the cannabis/spirituality connection and writing and teaching about it. My work is controversial, I guess because I believe an understanding of deep politics is essential to true enlightenment, but I certainly deserve zero abuse from anyone inside cannabis culture.

Would people tell Jack: “You are powerless and grasping at straws?”

Would people tell Jack: “You are a dirty rotten lying son of a bitch!!!”

Would people tell Jack: “You stole my idea, admit it you asshole?”

As the launch of Abakus draws near and the Munchie Cup approaches, rolling thunder and heavy, heavy vibes appear and suddenly I reside in a magic world charged with electricity, a thousand times more powerful than pouring a set of candles.

Which is why I ask you, please don’t rain on my humble parade. I intend no harm and only seek to gather with my beloved Temple Dragons and probably induct Grandmaster Caz into our crew because he’s going to be flowing beyond anything yet seen in hip hop or Cups, because he’s that sort of magical creature, and I know how to help manifest that flow and have done this sort of thing with him before because he is an Illuminated Master of the Pot Illuminati, as well as one of the principle architects of hip hop.

Come one, come all, to Abakus Munchie Cup and if you see anyone attacking me or this peaceful ceremony, ignore that energy, hold a mirror to it and reveal the bad intent, and understand something really historic and meaningful is going down on the astral plain and that rolling thunder just proves I am right.

I’m working on my biography and the working title has become: “You are powerless and grasping at straws.” A little humility never hurt anyone.


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