The Abakus Guide to Enlightenment 101

1689018_723609287679563_2050144531_nYou can call enlightenment “inner peace” or anything else you like, and it is greatly misunderstood. It is not the top of a mountain where you land and remain in bliss forever, it is a vibrational state (free of all violence) that you move in and out of. It is a river you can jump into, not a cave on a mountain top, and when you get into the strong channels, you will “flow,” and be able to manifest great creative energy and fun in that situation, and your magical abilities will explode accordingly. You can become a walking, talking love bomb, and stone people with your presence. And not many people get there, or swim there for long, but Stephen Gaskin and Wavy Gravy were/are two of the giants.

And someone who knows your psychic buttons can drag you out of that flow easily with a few well-timed telepathic daggers and verbal insults. Those are evil ceremonies of dark magic, when you take someone whose heart is pure, and in the flow, and drag them to the riverbank and start water-boarding them. This shit happens to me all the time, and it seems to be the price of admission to becoming a post-modern shaman, and it’s the ability to resist these attacks and not let the hostility invade your mind that separates junior shaman from real masters.

cleanSealTeam420If you want to learn some of these skills, you can attend the Munchie Cup in Aspen on August 18th and 19th, with an awards show at Owl Farm on the 20th. From all corners of the universe, the mighty Temple Dragon Crew is on the move, slowly making their way to Aspen, their new temporary Mecca, where the Temple is already being blessed and prepared for the ceremonies soon to come. Sage is burning and the altar awaits the arrival of the sacred objects and sacred flags and ceremonial tools and sacraments, and especially the seven magic chakra candles, also known as “The Rainbow Menorah.” Did you know that the original Menorah designed by Moses (after he met the Burning Bush) was actually a lamp with seven flames? I believe that represents the seven points of the leaves on the Burning Bush. Thank the Great Spirit not every detail has been muddied, so we can piece the story of cannabis and spiritual awakening and the development of the human mind as we know it today to the emergence of ceremonial cannabis use in the Ukraine by the original Sakas who quickly went on to cultivate plants, tame horses, train dogs, invent the wheel and come up with the idea of a Great Spirit flowing through everything that would morph into the Zoroastrian culture that laid the foundation for Jewish, Muslim, Christian culture, and also influenced spirituality in the Far East and dropped a cannabis seed in Buddha’s bowl, another important clue like the seven flames.

The last time Seal Team 420 held ceremonies was at the Cannabis Cup several years ago, and when we don’t regularly meet to amplify and release our creative energies, at least once a year, that energy can build up to explosive levels when it finally releases, so I’m expecting some super explosions of positive energy in Aspen during the event. If you come you’ll feel this energy in the doorway of the Temple even before you step in, and that feeling will linger there long after the Dragons have all returned to their separate missions and vibrational trails, and scatter once again across the universal astral plane, just the way violence and negative energy lingers wherever it takes place.


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