Blessed be the Peacemakers

It’s sad how the youth have been led down the garden path to worship material riches and violence as the ultimate power. It shows in the attitudes. I worship love as the ultimate power, and have studied how to elevate that vibration and share it through ceremony. I have studied with John Cage, Julian Beck and Judith Malina, Robert Jasper Grootveld, Andre Gregory, Wavy Gravy (Steve Bloom took one Wavy improv class with me, and knows my skills as Wavy commented on my flow and I flowed longer than anyone else in class but Wavy). Also the Brotherhood of Eternal Love, The Merry Pranksters, Stephen and Ina May Gaskin, The Rainbow Family elders. I’m not trying to boast, just explain I paid the dues and learned the chops from the real masters and I believe this new art form is called Improvisational Ritual Theater and it’s a big improvement on fundamentalist religions because it incorporates all of their ceremony and none of the dogma. Do whatever you want, just don’t hurt anyone is the end of the dogma trail and path to spiritual freedom. My quest is not supported by the mainstream, and I find myself the target of much hatred. Many prayers go out that my missions fail and I never again rise from the ashes like I have before. But if you like the sound of this, and seek a world where violence in thought, word and deed does not exist, and cannot exist because the love energy is so strong…..then join me at the Munchie Cup, August 18-20, or pledge me a dollar on the Kickstarter campaign. Blessed be the peacemakers and the new post-modern shamans.


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