The connection between Elliot Rodger and Mark Karpeles

dbpix-karpeles-tmagArticleIt’s starting to look like Mark Karpeles manipulated the price of bitcoin starting in November of last year by transferring large amounts of coin without actually moving fiat money to cover the transactions. This alleged scam drove the price of bitcoin from $200 to over $1,000 before Karpeles ran out of bitcoin to transfer, at which point he claimed to have “lost them” due to a well-known vulnerability hack.

If the current analysis is correct, Karpeles was not hit with a hack attack, but moved his bitcoins to run up the price. Evidence of this alleged crime was revealed after a bitcoin expert examined the documents Karpeles turned over as part of his bankruptcy, as opposed to the actual data embedded in the Bitcoin blockchain. It appears several attempts were made to obscure the footprint of two bots responsible for spiking the price.

Karpeles seems to have had a minimal social life and may be suffering from Asperger Syndrome, which, like autism, is presently in the midst of an epidemic. If I was looking for a robot zombie to manipulate, kids with Asperger’s would be an excellent place to start looking for recruits. The Sandy Hook shooter had the complex. And so did Elliot Rodger.

car-selfie-4_resize-elliot-rodger-618x400Did you notice how the first reaction to Elliot was to dump all over him? As if he was in his right mind and could command his situation. Elliot was in a delusional breakdown and plenty of people knew it. His parents knew it. They called the cops. But the cops did nothing. His father was rushing to him but arrived too late.

In situations of paranoid delusional breakdown, the cops seldom do anything, and they’ll be the first to tell you there are tons of crazy people walking about the streets everyday. They only take these crazy people into protective custody if there is evidence of violent behavior. So when Elliot acted super polite when the cops showed up, he was able to fool them, just like he’d fooled just everyone his whole life.

Elliot was the child of a mixed marriage who moved around a lot at a young age. Even though he had a privileged upbringing, he was never able to forge a meaningful relationship with others as a result of his mental disorder. By the time he reached high school, he knew he didn’t fit in, and began playing the role of the crazy mental dude and pretty soon he was that dude. He had therapists most of his life, although he claims to have refused their medications in his manifesto.

So these are the new zombies who walk among us, the Asperger’s who lock onto crime or violence as their obsession and their numbers are growing, and will continue to grow as long as we continue pumping chemical poisons into our environment.

In the meantime, it might help to train some police as paramedics and psychologists with experience in dealing with these new and exploding mental disorders.


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