Save the world with water

imagesDon’t you love how there’s a new apocalypse every week? For those who live near a coastline, doomsday arrives at 2214, at which point you’ll be wiped off the planet unless you build an ark like Noah. This may not mean much to you, but it might mean something to your children’s children’s children.

Some cultures prefer to plan seven generations ahead, but if these scientists are correct, some of us may not have that many generations left to plan for. These latest projections are based on the collapse of an enormous glacier into the sea, something that’s expected to raise oceans to hurricane-storm-surge levels globally.

In fact, water and ice play a major role in most of the expected global apocalypses because when glaciers disappear, mountain streams and drinking water for millions evaporates. I know there’s a managed dialectic going on over climate change, one side led by Al Gore and George Soros, the other by the Koch brothers, and to tell the truth, I don’t trust either and I don’t go in for apocalyptic thinking, ever. My mantra is more like: “Don’t worry, nothing is under control.”

But I have a possible solution on how to turn everything around and keep everyone happy and well-fed.

This is going to take massive global resources. Right now, war is the economic engine that feeds the bull runs on Wall Street. We’re been running on war for so long, we haven’t figured out any alternatives. But if we were to move our mindset away from making war on people to moving water around, we might get somewhere.

First, we need stop building oil pipelines and get off oil entirely. Stop pumping oil and stop producing new toxic molecules every day. Right away, bees and frogs will come back. Every ounce of oil energy needs to shift to water management. Many thousands of pumping stations in Antarctica must be built to start moving sea water inland, where it can be transformed into giant salt-water glaciers while we figure out how to remove the salt. As for cars: we don’t need them unless they’re electric. Most commuters should to convert to bikes anyway.

Meanwhile, the current polar glaciers should not be allowed to simply melt into the sea, but should be broken up and towed to wherever fresh water is needed. Oil tankers should be retro-fitted for this mission. Dump the glacier water into inland lakes and build pipelines to take that water back to the mountain tops where it belongs. Perhaps you don’t realize there are already farmers in Nepal making their own mini-glaciers to replace the disappearing ones? This sort of restoration needs to happen on a massive scale. Imagine the profits oil companies will reap after they retrofit to moving water instead of moving oil. They can easily transform from the biggest part of the problem into the biggest part of the solution. And spills will never be an issue again.

And if you think this is just a pipe dream, consider Germany is already making 75% of its energy from renewable sources, and will be off oil long before the predicted apocalypse arrives.


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