Why Abakus?

10385184_10203789608321120_1154569192_nWhen the idea of Abakus popped into my head a couple months ago, the original tag I came up with to help define the mission was “magazine for a new millennium.” But that’s before I decided to move to Aspen. So the new tag has become “the responsible cannabis enthusiast’s guide.”

Some are asking, what’s that supposed to mean?

Like Delmore Schwartz, I believe great responsibilities come with great dreams. Colorado is at the beginning of a grand experiment and could eventually provide a tipping point to legalizing cannabis worldwide. But if I was the head of a major corporation that owed its profits to cannabis prohibition, I’d be dreaming up dirty tricks to make cannabis legalization look bad. All it takes is a couple of loudmouth assholes to ruin things for everyone and give cannabis users a bad name. And how hard is that to manufacture? So that’s why Abakus is trying to steer the opposite direction.

Let me give you one example: Responsible cannabis users don’t encourage underage use of cannabis unless a medical need is indicated. Responsible use is not about who can do the biggest dab hit, but who can get highest off the smallest amount. Cannabis culture is different from alcohol culture. Alcohol amplifies warrior energy and can lead to violence, while cannabis amplifies female energy and can create harmony. It’s often better if daily drinkers become daily cannabis users as they age because cannabis will slow down alcohol consumption, while offsetting some of its more dangerous side effects.

Abakus has planted a flag in Aspen in hopes of luring responsible cannabis users to town. If you do come, you’ll discover one of the most magical places in the universe. The weather is wonderful and spirit of this town unique. You simply can’t find a better place to get high. I especially want to invite baby boomers, many of whom gave up cannabis when they settled down and started a family. But soon, it’ll be time to retire (although that option is no longer open to some). The benefits of cannabis for seniors is dramatic and rather than taking a dozen pills a day like our parents are doing, some of us will discover cannabis serves the same medical needs with much less harmful side effects.

If you do come to Aspen, please consider yourself an important ambassador for cannabis culture. Be polite to strangers and put out a good vibe. We need to combat the negative image that has been created and replace it with one celebrating cannabis enthusiasts as fine, upstanding members of the community capable of nurturing the next generation in a safe environment.

NPEcoverstretchedI wrote a free ebook on this subject recently called The New Pot Enlightenment. You can pick up your free copy here:



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