There will be no hempfests in Uruguay

399px-Pepemujica2Uruguay is taking one step forward and two steps back. Cannabis activists around the world celebrated when President Jose Mujica (left) announced plans to legalize the plant. But yesterday he railed against “drug users” and “bohemians,” a reference to the 1960s hippie culture that employs cannabis as a sacrament. “We do not think marijuana is benign,” says Mujica.

Instead of welcoming stoners to visit his country, the President warns them to stay away. There will be no hempfests in Uruguay.

Funny how Mujica also showed great contempt for the relaxed laws in Colorado, which allow any person to cultivate six plants. This is a lifelong socialist devoted to helping the poor, yet he doesn’t comprehend the modern medical system and its war on natural plants. Instead of railing against bohemians who celebrate pot for recreational use, he could have been announcing the construction of a cannabis clinic for treating cancer and degenerative diseases.

At least this saves me the trouble of ever having to make the over-24 hour flight down to Uruguay, something that involves a plane change halfway. Maybe someday Mujica will try cannabis and realize that it’s not the monster he thinks it is.

The hippie counterculture was a genuine grassroots spiritual movement that manifested the environmental movement, home birthing and organic vegetarian lifestyles, among many other innovations. If the last 50 years have shown anything, it’s that the hippies were right. There’s too much pollution and too much violence in our culture. Cannabis was the burning bush that helped many in the 1960s escape the dialectical games played on every generation. How sad the major religions have become pawns in the war for profit scam. When you go to war over religion, you can bet you’ve been hoodwinked off the path of true spirituality, which is always based on compassion.

Unfortunately, even though “hippie bigotry” is widespread, it isn’t recognized, so zero outcry will emerge from the President’s harsh remarks on a legitimate, trail-blazing culture, a culture that deserves a place of respect and not contempt. Hippie bigotry flourishes especially in the United States and can be found inside the cannabis movement in the “suits versus stoners” divide.

Imagine if these remarks had been directed at blacks instead of hippies. How fast would the President be impeached, tossed from his position and ridiculed everywhere, like what happened to the Clippers’ owner in Los Angeles? All bigotry is vile, and especially when directed at a baby, infant spirituality busy trying to birth itself. Because in the realm of spirituality, 50 years is like a heartbeat.


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