Abakus moves to Aspen

little-nellIn an effort to encourage responsible cannabis tourism (and also to encourage freedom-loving people to celebrate this new oasis of liberty), Abakus magazine has moved to Aspen, Colorado. The magazine will be published quarterly and distributed free, with the first issue appearing in July, 2014. The debut cover is an image of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson by Jeff Wood. It will also be available as a digital magazine and website.

We’re asking any and all pot-friendly establishments in and around Aspen to feel free to contact us so we can help bring business to you. And if you’re super antagonistic to weed, we’d like to know that too, so we can steer our readers in another direction.

Colorado has become a grand experiment, and whatever happens will be leveraged to spread legalization or shut down its growth. So let’s not screw up. Everyone should plan a trip to Colorado this summer and help invest money into the Colorado cannabis economy. But we also need to respect the local vibrations and work hard to establish a fully harmonious relationship with everyone in the community.

I’d like to plant a peace pole somewhere in or around Aspen as a ceremonial place where people could use cannabis for spiritual purposes. I believe cannabis enhances meditation and telepathic awareness. And if I can’t find a piece of ground willing to honor that ceremony, maybe we need a non-dogmatic church that allows cannabis consumption during the improvisational services.

PI PHOENIX 6In fact there is such a church, it’s called the Grand Lodge of the Pot Illuminati, and it’s moving to Aspen with me.


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