Remembering Mike Ruppert

1016811_10203003883192594_7844739027538043555_nI read the news today, oh boy. Michael Ruppert blew his brains out after finishing his weekly radio show.

I haven’t listened to the final show, but apparently Mike expressed some wonder concerning how people carry on during these dark days. For all I know, Ruppert was a spook his whole life, although at one time, I held out hope he might save the day. In fact, I hired him as my star columnist right before 9/11. This is a complex story, and all I can do is give you the loose ends to sort out.

High Times greatest publisher was a guy named Ski who came over from the comic world and helped transform the company into a multimedia empire. He was the only publisher who let me do pretty much anything I wanted, and encouraged deep political research, something most cowards in the business won’t touch with a ten-foot pole. I published four books and three documentaries during Ski’s brief reign, as well as some of the best conspiracy research HT has ever done.

I wanted to beef-up the news section with investigative reporting and offered a column on CIA-Drugs to Gary Webb. This was after Webb’s book had come out and Webb had been savaged by the mainstream media, although nobody could disprove a word he published. Ruppert turned up around this same time as an authority from inside law enforcement who’d back up Webb’s allegations of CIA involvement in drug trafficking. Webb demanded too much money and also said he didn’t think there was enough information to justify a monthly column on CIA-Drugs, which sure surprised me. So I gave the column to Mike Ruppert instead, but it didn’t  last long.

BushCastillo.S35It was probably Cele Castillo who first told me about Coral Marie Talavera Baca. Wish there were some photos on the web, because she apparently was a super hottie buxom babe. Webb had a weakness for such woman, or so they say. But did you know she was also supposedly Carlos Lehder’s wife? I knew Webb’s New York girl friend, and she was a super vixen during her hey-day, so I imagine Coral was quite a looker herself. Cele tried to blow a whistle on the Contra-Cocaine-Connection tied to an airport hanger in Panama.

Cele mentioned the hanger to then-Vice President George Bush and let him know Ollie North was involved somehow, but Bush blew him off and Cele was soon retired, and railroaded into prison on some phony trumped-up weapons charge. Here’s a photo of the two to prove that conversation actually happened.


CarlitoslehderFunny how Coral barely made it into Webb’s book. And far as I know, he never mentions she was Carlos Lehder’s wife, which certainly seems like an important detail. It was Lehder who set-up the Medellin Cartel, which may have started as easy as giving Pablo Escobar Barry Seal’s private number. Suspiciously, she was working for AIG when she alerted Webb to the contra-cocaine-connection, a story that was pretty easily researched with the details she provided.

Ruppert brought in the AIG connection, and next thing Coral disappears and is never heard from again. But right after 9/11, Ruppert rushes up to Canada and starts writing exclusively about someone in jail there called Vreeland, and pretty soon Ruppert claims Vreeland has explosive evidence on the inside nature of 9/11, and apparently tried to warn the prison authorities before it happened. This would go on for months. No real evidence turned up, and using hindsight, I can assure you Vreeland was an orchestrated rabbit hole to put researchers on a false trail, and HT had been used to create the first tunnel. I fired Ruppert the day I no longer trusted his info and wished I’d listened my executive editor Peter Gorman that there was something fishy about Vreeland’s story and maybe Ruppert was exaggerating it for effect. Either Ruppert knew it was a rabbit hole, or he’s a pretty dumb guy.

After that, Ruppert revealed some explosive information about Pentagon drills during 9/11 and then tied everything to Peak Oil. I never fell for Peak Oil. I always felt it was just a device to raise oil prices sky-high. That’s because I think oil is abiotic and self-replenishing and emanates from plasma and forces deep inside the earth, and it’s not the result of decaying animals and plants. I also think the Oil Industry has been blocking energy technology for decades.

But Ruppert’s info on the Pentagon drills turned out real, and there were even more interesting details to emerge. Since anti-drug operations were sometimes employed to disguise drug-running operations, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out anti-terror ops might have terror ops secretly embedded in them. That’s the way British intel often runs their ops it seems. The CIA got a lot of its training advice from that side of the pond.

But Ruppert’s illustrious career as a whistle-blower suffered more blows when Daniel Hopsicker wrote about suspicious funding of his lecture tours by a shady company called Pinnacle Quest. Right after 9/11, Ruppert was flown into NYC to address a bunch of Arab bigwigs in New York, although I don’t know what he said. Ruppert and Hopsicker had started as allies, but went on separate trails during their 9/11 investigations. Hopsicker’s work sure seemed a lot more productive to me at the time, as he was busy proving Mohammed Atta was a stripper-dating coke dealer and not anything close to a religious fundamentalist, and certainly didn’t carry a Koran in his car, while I blamed Ruppert for two rabbit holes: Vreeland and Peak Oil.

After that some odd things happened involving Ruppert running around in his underwear in his office. By this time most of us figured he was bipolar, but so what, so are lots of functioning people. He continued to write and produce, but never really hit the big-time he wanted. Lots of people were lunging at the King of Conspiracy crown until Alex Jones and David Icke were handed it by the media. Certainly Ruppert was a lot more rigorous and intellectual than those two obvious demagogues, but after the Vreeland fiasco, I never trusted his research again.

But since he’s one of the few people on earth I could discuss Danny Casolaro’s murder with or learn anything new about CIA-Drugs, I’m sorry to see him go, even if I did fire him and accuse him of being disinfo at one time. It’s a wilderness of mirrors and most of the disinfo agents don’t even realize they are being played like pawns. Very few get to see the big picture.


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