Material Addiction by John Trudell

“Our energy is being fed to the technology. In some bizarre way, the machines are raising us. Maybe we’re the cattle. Everything that’s being done is to serve the god “technology.” The “good” guys serve it, the “bad” guys serve it. The good guys buy and consume in excess. They got a grudge against the bad guys because the bad guys don’t do it right…with their polluting, but the good guys over-consume. So everybody is serving the god technology. The good guys and bad guys are both just riding in different parts of the same train. And really the biggest difference is, who’s going to drive the train? Something needs to be injected energetically to change this because the good guys are nicer, but when I look at it, everybody is consuming more than they need, excessively. It’s time to say, I have an addiction problem. I’m addicted to material and fear and insecurity makes me want to consume more.”
–John Trudell


One thought on “Material Addiction by John Trudell

  1. Here here, right on, amen, absolutely, guilty as charged, nothing to add exept that I will continue to try to curb my (american) ways.


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