Run From the Cure 2

1970662_10202744134020636_829399909_nEating cannabis oil to treat disease was discovered by Rick Simpson over a decade ago in Canada. Rick became known primarily through the efforts of young filmmaker named Christian Laurette, who self-funded a low-budget documentary called Run From the Cure, and released it free via the internet.

Laurette has been hard at work producing a fully professional follow-up titled Run 2 the Cure, which will also be released for free. In the Great Green Rush to cash in on cannabis that we are currently experiencing, he certainly stands out as a true activist trying to save lives, rather than another greedy dude trying to make himself one of the 1% through cannabis exploitation.

Isn’t it odd there isn’t a wikipedia page on Rick Simpson and the wiki entry on hash oil doesn’t even mention the word “cancer?” Seems like a rather tight lid has been kept on this cannabis cures cancer meme, and I couldn’t help but be astounded by the number of people in the movement who keep jumping all over Rick rather than show support for his cause.

Christian Laurette

Christian Laurette

Of course, the crux of the issue has become Rick’s preference for light naptha as the solvent of first choice, followed by pure alcohol. In the States, “naptha” is typically a catchall phrase for a toxic brew laced with additives. But light naptha is a different. Since Rick made his discoveries while self-medicating, I trust he found a way to produce the best possible medicine for himself. He certainly tried a number of solvents before concluding light naptha and alcohol were the best two.

I have zero contact with oil because I live on the East Coast. So until cannabis is fully legalized, I probably won’t be doing any hands-on testing, but I can tell you what needs to be done, and done right away. Some widely-used strains should be fully tested. Then oil should be made using a wide variety of techniques and solvents, and all those oils need to be tested for everything from terpenes, to contaminants, to solvents, etc. Oil-making techniques strip away terpenes, and that’s true even if water is the solvent. Once this rigorous testing is complete, the discussion will finally be aided by scientific facts no one can dispute, and let the chips fall wherever they may as far as I’m concerned. But you’ll still have to judge the oils for effectiveness. And the best people to judge are those in pain or who have health issues that demand high levels of cannabis, people like Rick Simpson.

Considering Rick started a revolution in cancer treatment, I find it odd how little-known and little-celebrated he is. He should be featured at all the biggest rallies and on the cover of all sorts of magazines and interviewed endlessly on talk shows. Instead, I have a feeling most of the people attending 420 in Denver next week never heard of him.

Here’s the trailer for the new documentary, which should be released soon.


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