Is Mark Gorton a marked man?

r-MARK-GORTON-large570Mark Gorton has never been so worried. He practically invented flash trading and made a fortune since the fall of Napster by creating a peer-to-peer network for file sharing. Eventually, he paid the major labels around $100 million after they sued and the case was settled out-of-court.

Gorton hasn’t read Michael Lewis’ expose on Wall Street Flash Boys, although it’s all about the computerized trading techniques he pioneered. Gorton says the book is no longer completely accurate. “It’s a one-sided story and he over-dramatizes it,” complains Gorton.

Maybe you saw the film Moneyball about the use of computers and stats to build baseball teams, and how that revolutionized sports? Gorton did a similar thing with the world of finance, using computer codes to buy and sell huge amounts of stock daily, making pennies on each trade, with a volume high enough to produce staggering profits at the end of the day.

But then something really odd happened yesterday. Someone leaked a manifesto Gorton has long been working on about our deep political state, a document I’m sure Gorton wished had not yet seen the light of day but was published on Gawker. He was distributing the information to people inside his company. I was fascinated by this 50-page political rant because it’s so close to the information I’ve been collecting for the past 25 years.

Like many who study deep politics, Gorton came to the conclusion the JFK assassination was arranged by a corrupt team of criminals deep inside our national security state, a crew that’s been killing people over the decades to protect their secrets. Many of the original plotters have since passed away, and Gorton places former President George H.W. Bush at the center of the continuing conspiracy.

Gorton believes 9/11 was employed to reap a fortune on the bond market, while destroying evidence that could have brought down the cabal. Both floors hit by planes on 9/11 were high-profile government bond traders, and there’s long been suspicion major money moves were made just as the planes struck the towers. Gorton follows up these suspicions with some interesting details outlining how it was likely accomplished.

He also notes G.H.W. Bush attended the investor conference of the Carlyle Group along with Osama bin Laden’s brother Shafig bin Laden on September 10th, and then spent the night in the White House while his son (the sitting President) was in Florida, a fact seldom revealed in the press. While Cheney was down in the bunker on the phone with who-knows-who, one wonders if G.H.W. was on the other end of that line.

Gorton writes: “9/11 helped create a permanent war on terror that has served as a justification for two imperialistic wars. It also enabled the “Patriot” Act and its massive expansion of government secrecy which helps keep old crimes buried. 9/11 helped destroy a large number of criminal and civil investigations which would have led to the Bush Syndicate, and 9/11 justified a surge in military/intelligence spending much of which went into the pockets of Bush allies. In addition, many different types of financial crimes (insider trading, insurance fraud, money laundering, financial looting) were embedded within the plot.”

Gorton backs up these claims with some real facts. Meanwhile, the national media has done a good job of promoting the official conspiracy story and has never lifted a finger to investigate the crime itself, but only painted “conspiracy theory” as some wild fantasy, ignoring the fact the official story is a conspiracy theory itself with very few real facts to support it. Gorton, meanwhile, has done a credible job of digging out some essential buried truths.

Now we shall see how powerful the Octopus is because make no mistake, Gorton has tossed a gauntlet into the ring and provoked the ire of the most powerful people in deep politics. It’ll be interesting to see if they make sudden moves to bring down his empire or even assassinate him. Meanwhile, will any other honest people in Wall Street rally behind Gorton to try and topple the beast that runs the system and reclaim our democracy? Or will they continue to cower in fear of the Octopus and its mighty power?

Thirty years ago I prayed for marijuana to become legal, and it’s about to happen. Now I pray Michael Gorton doesn’t end up like Senator Paul Wellstone or Major General David Wherley, both of whom weren’t buying into the official conspiracy story on what happened on 9/11 and were in a position to do something about it. How many honest folks do we have on Wall Street? And will any of them join Gorton’s attempt to expose the Octopus? We shall soon see.

Meanwhile, expect the press to have a field day ridiculing Gorton from now on.


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