The best new strain in Amsterdam by Alec Pearce

SourPowerAmsterdam is one of the rare cities anyone of age can walk into a shop and purchase high-grade cannabis. And because there is a large turnover, and plenty of hash and bud is consumed every week, many new products and strains appear all the time.
That being said, the best weed in Amsterdam changes monthly or even weekly and different shops may have products with the same named but usually not the same product. Choosing the best bud in Amsterdam at any one moment can be difficult.
Professionals in the business, including past celebrity judges and coffeeshop owners, see loads of different weed and must keep a finger on the pulse of the market. These experts know where to find the best bud in town—not what is hyped at the counter of a particular coffeeshop. I recently went around asking knowing locals what they think the best weed in Amsterdam is right now.
The answer I got? Sour Power by Hortilabs.
Sour Power is an East Coast Sour Diesel V3 and a sister phenotype of Star Bud. This strain was developed (and seeds produced) by the German company Hortilabs. I tested a variety that was well-grown and completely flushed with a very smooth taste and stoney high. Some would say Sour Power is a real “crippler.”
Notice the clear (almost white) globules of THC that possibly indicate the bud could have gone a couple weeks longer in the flowering cycle? But this is Holland and time is money, and one can say the same about most of the commercially-grown cannabis.
The most respected celebrity judge in the city is called “The Nose.” He has been in the profession for decades, yet upon consuming it, he found it “strong” and flavorful.” This is a man that knows cannabis and could hardly finish the joint, so rest assured, the Nose knows.


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