Form your own Pot Illuminati Lodge

photo 2The Pot Illuminati is a peer-to-peer, open-source spiritual paradigm that observes no central authority and only one rule: Don’t hurt anybody (and that includes feelings).

The Grand Lodge of the Order was established on the Spring Solstice 2014 in New York City by seven Illuminated Masters and a lodge was established in Amsterdam around the same time. The Order hopes to establish Lodges in Colorado, Washington, Oregon and California. Only one Lodge per city will be allowed. The Lodges are fellowships that respect all cultures and hold ceremonies for peace and healing PTSD. The Lodges meet during major astrological events to hold improvisational ceremonies of song, dance and art, and also judging festivals on equinoxes and solstices. The first ceremony of the Order was held by the Grand Lodge in the Spring of 2014. Banana OG was the winner.

To form a lodge, assemble the seven key essential components:

The Grower is the legal grower who preserves important strains and shares flowers, clones and seeds with any members legally allowed to receive them and at a reasonable price.

The Alchemist is the extractor and analyzer, making sure concentrations are safe to consume and essential terpenes are not destroyed in the process.

The Merchant can be in any phase, from hemp to glass and beyond. Hopefully, however, they have a store, cafe or nightclub, or some property that can be used for ceremonies.

The Artist creates the visual sigils, flyers and posters for the Lodge, and during ceremonies, creates art while the performances are happening.

The Performer can be a singer, dancer, acrobat, speaker, magician, or special in any way, but must have the ability to lift spirits and should be cherished and not over-exploited, but called upon at the highest moments only and allowed to manifest energy naturally.

The Musician produces and directs the soundtrack (although all members of the lodge should manifest creative energies during ceremonies and the more singers, musicians and performers the better).

The Historian videotapes ceremonies, creates the website and writes the official history of the Lodge.

If you can assemble these essential elements, write an email to and request official recognition from the Grand Lodge for your city, in which case you’ll be eligible to receive a set of the seven medicine candles for use by your Lodge. Don’t bother to apply unless you reside in a legal situation, i.e., a state that allows medical use and your grower is legally licensed to grow at least three plants.

Before you submit an application, read this free ebook and understand fully the Order is devoted to non-violence.


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