The Mysterious Mr. Watson by Steven Hager

skunkmanHe was called Sam the Skunkman when I first met him, which was in Amsterdam.

Craig Copetus was the first to write about Nevil’s Seed Bank operation in Holland. Nevil was a recovering heroin addict who had obtained a government grant to start a seed business as part of his recuperation. Prior to that he’d been making hash oil with petroleum ether and had barely survived an explosion. Nevil was a pioneer in altered states of consciousness who just happened to have a serious interest in breeding. Anyway, even though Nevil took out an ad in High Times, I didn’t pay attention to the Seed Bank until Craig’s story was published in a Washington DC magazine.

So I went off to Holland to meet Nevil, and was way-laid by Sam the Skunk man and Robert Connell Clarke immediately after that meeting happened. They wanted to give me their spin on Nevil’s operation, and the quality of Dutch homegrown versus Cali homegrown, which was vast. They also let me know they’d reaped a fortune selling seeds to Nevil. Now certain disinfo agents spread the story Sam ordered me to start the Cannabis Cup so the DEA could survey growers? Truth is, Sam had no idea I’d be inventing the Cannabis Cup later that year, as I didn’t even get the idea until I was on the plane home. Did Sam’s stories of the Santa Cruz harvest festivals of the 1970s influence me? Of course. But Sam never presented himself as a major player in those harvest festivals, or even the boss of Sacred Seeds, or the breeder of Skunk #1, which was his primary strain. The story I got was Skunk #1 popped up unexpectedly and everybody loved it, and it won some early harvest festivals. Which is pretty much the story you get about most of the really famous strains.

When I returned to Holland for the first Cannabis Cup months later, Sam was there to greet me. He wasn’t sure he wanted Cultivator’s Choice, the name of his new Seed Company, to enter the first Cannabis Cup, which so far consisted of Nevil’s Seed Bank and Ben Dronkers’ Sensi Seeds. As I recall the Sensi Seed strains were all freshly harvested and we couldn’t smoke them without running the samples through a microwave. It would take another year for many to catch on to the importance of curing, and keep in mind some people in the industry weren’t even stoners. Nevil didn’t care whether he won, or whether Skunk #1 won, because he had both Skunk #1 and Northern Lights. The final decision was not Dave Watson’s, but something entirely decided by grow guru Bram Frank and I because we liked the taste. The only other judge was the photographer Jiffy Schnack, who preferred Northern Lights. Nevil at the time was into dry sift made from Haze, which he kept to himself, while Sam and Robert were smoking full-melt Skunk #1, and were giddy about the way it turned to liquid when they hit it with a flame. This was all new to me.

A few years later, Arjan of the Greenhouse showed me a report by Mario Lap indicating Sam was really Dave Watson, who’d been busted in Santa Cruz one month before arriving in Amsterdam. And he’d supposedly arrived in Amsterdam with hundreds of thousands of seeds for sale one month after his bust. After selling the seeds to Nevil, who was making a fortune at the time in cash sales, Watson got the only license to study medicinal cannabis in Holland. It sure looked like Watson was secretly working with the DEA, and those operations might include tracking the ID’s of all the strains of the world and documenting the growers and dealers distributing them.

I don’t know if this database was real, or, if so, if it is still being pursued, but Mario claimed Watson had written a profile on the situation in Australia that named many growers and dealers.

I would not be surprised if Watson is a spook, and I can guarantee the world of illegal drugs is filled with spooks in all possible nooks and crannies. He went on to co-found Hortapham, which made the deal with GW Pharma, which made the bigger, better deal with Bayer, the powerhouse in European medicine. Surely you realize big money is an Octopus that pulls strings everywhere it goes?

But on the other hand, I notice some trolls twisting this tale and inventing details, like Watson “ordered” me to create the Cannabis Cup so he could use the event to gather intelligence. Under that theory, you can basically end all harvest festivals or gatherings of any sort because radical conferences are always milked for intel. I started the event to create a standard for cannabis seeds, and that’s exactly what happened. What Watson represented was the arrival of the West Coast hybrids into Europe.

I sure would like to interview Nevil and get his side of the story. Apparently, he became a Koi breeder for a while, and now resides in Perth.

Meanwhile all the paranoia about Watson tracking the DNA of every cannabis strain worldwide so growers everywhere would be busted is about to evaporate, isn’t it? Even if they have a list in the works for the last twenty years, it won’t be much good in two or three years when cannabis becomes legal everywhere.

Did you see the poll in Time today? Seventy-five percent of the country thinks cannabis will be legal very soon.

I’d say we’re on the downside of the tipping point.


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  1. “I would not be surprised if Watson is a spook”

    Gee wizz Steve I though you were above this kind of crap, you would not be surprised if I was a spook?
    A spook that started the worlds very first seed comapany, has worked for Cannabis legalization for 50 years, tax and regulate has been my mantra, for decades, not to mention my work bringing Cannabis back into mainsteram medicine, as well as all the work I did for industrial hemp to bring it back into the mainstream as well as help get hemp cultivation legalized in half a dozen countries. Also my close relationship with RCC, do you also think he is a spook? Ridiculous…..
    Ask Todd about me and RCC, it is sad you think this.
    How would you feel if I started telling everyone that I think you and High Times were running
    lacky dogs of the DEA or some other spook organization, and was now using your Abakus journal as a vehicle to collect info on the Colorado Cannabis scene?
    I do not believe it in the slighest, but how would you feel? Get the idea????
    Our biggest enemy for decades has been the DEA and LEO’s in general, now with Cannabis changeing and the succsess the whole scene has changed, now we are all staking out little or big corners and many are attacking each other, what a shame.


    • No I am not surprised by the idea that spooks inhabit the world of drugs. They do. A spook is just someone with a hidden master. There is nothing new here, and all I am doing is clearing the air of charges I worked with Watson to deceive people. I did not. I guess you are Watson, although you don’t fly with your own real name for some reason. I always fly my real name and have zero to conceal. My life has been an open book for 40 years. I don’t view you as an activist Dave, I view you as a businessman who has done an amazing job of capturing profits in this arena. Were you busted in Santa Cruz? And did you appear in Holland quickly after the bust? This is not new info, but to my knowledge you’ve never responded to any of this. People wonder why reputable hospitals and doctors in Holland were ignored, while you jumped to the head of the line and got the DEA license in Holland. How was that accomplished? If you read the blog, you see I dismiss the allegations against you as meaningless now that cannabis is becoming legal. Why my beliefs in spooks inhabiting the world of illegal substances is unsettling to you I have no idea, but surely you realize nothing here in any way attacks you, only points out how mysterious this all looks from my perspective. This post was an attempt to put my side of the story in public prior to the books being released by Joe Petrie and others, books that are not entirely correct. How would I feel if you accused High Times of being a DEA lackey? I’d feel nothing, I would only look at your evidence as I would any evidence and consider its authenticity. High Times fired me. I have nothing to do with High Times and never will again. But then, I didn’t call you a spook, only that I would not be surprised if you were. Not all is transparent, especially when it comes to drugs and money. Perhaps someday the full story will appear.


      • I did not call you a spook, but it might be worth noting some standard spook-style ops for dealing with targets.
        1) Straw man.
        2) Rabbit hole
        3) Attack the messenger.
        I think your response covered all the bases, strangely enough. What about RCC? Why drag him into this discussion at all if not as a diversionary straw man rabbit hole? I look forward to a long and fruitful dialogue with you and hopefully Nevil will be chiming in soon.

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      • I recall in the 80’s the Feds claimed High Times was in with the DEA. As a Freedom Fighter and Green Panther I got to know several on HT staff. I attended many events Hash Bash etc and found this to be govt dis-information. Busted oct.94 for cultivation I jumped bond, left the states and went to the 94 cup in Amsterdam as a fugitive. Came back did 5 years fed time. Not afraid to use my real name. My history is published. Steve love your writing and trust your insight. Love Peace Pot & Freedom!


  2. DEA operative David Watson has a new alias the Hemp Guy, all the attention I brought to his being undercover in Amsterdam since 4-20-1985, and that they have controlled the seed industry since that time.No body has done more damage toi cannabis than this scumbag.


    • What a bunch of haters!

      Some people create great things in their lives, and some people talk about people who create great things.
      Petrie was a hash smuggler, a questionable character, who still owes people money. Maybe he’s an agent, and he’s projecting. Even if he’s just disappointed with his own life, dishonest, or delusional, why would you spread his gossip without checking your source?
      It seems to me that David, Sam, has devoted his life to this special plant because he believes it is sacred. And really, that all seeds are sacred. He has worked tirelessly and obsessively and made a living, but not a fortune from it. He championed something when it was illegal and dangerous. He collected seeds from all over the world and experimented with them, for years, for no money. He is a dreamer who had a vision. He is Luther Burbank and Johnny Appleseed.
      Maybe a lot of people wanted to do what he did, but he did it.

      Him, a snitch or an agent? Have you ever really met him? The idea of someone being his “master” is really laughable.
      And who are all the people he snitched on? They should be easy to find.

      You know in the old days people were very private about their lives,especially about illegal activities, Smart people anyway.


      • First, I never trust anything by Joe Pietri and he’s been banned from this blog for hate speech, mostly against me. Second, the story about Watson mysteriously getting the only DEA license in the Netherlands was written by a respected Dutch journalist named Mario Lap.


      • Since you are basing your whole supposition on mario lap’s article, do you have a link? I will be happy when you have to apologize. I love to find the truth. More soon.

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      • I read Mario’s articles but don’t think they are online anymore. Sorry. The whole point was, how did this guy who got busted in Santa Cruz end up with the only DEA license to produce medical weed. I thought that was a fair question to ask. In reality, though, anyone with loads of cash can make those sorts of moves. You just have to know who to bribe. Meanwhile, some are now saying Watson is behind the effort to introduce GMO weed….and so it goes on….


      • So no proof just more rumors.We’ll if anyone knows where I can find the article that you are basing all your gossip on let me know. I will try Arjan at Greenhouse.
        By the way do you know who is publishing Petrie’s book? Also when did he show up in Amsterdam?
        What is a Nevils full name and age? Is he American?
        So to follow your logic if you ever get busted you would turn into an agent, good to know. Or just David would?
        Some people do have integrity you know. He may not be an easily person to like, I’ve noticed he doesn’t suffer fools gladly, he always seems knows the answer and he’s always right. But hey geniuses can’t understand why everyone doesn’t see what they see clearly.
        The only reason this has gotten this far is David is a really private person. But this is stopping now.
        I hope Petrie is selling a lot of books because he will need a lot of lawyers.


      • Arjan was the first to tell me about this. Apparently, when Mario wrote the article in the Dutch news, Dave Watson’s bust in Santa Cruz was still in the records, but have since disappeared. One thing you can be sure of, Watson is involved in the attempt to GMO cannabis, and is in cahoots with Bayer and Monsanto and Soros it seems. This is the area of investigation that should be followed now. Pietri’s comments get deleted as soon as he posts them. He cannot be trusted.


  3. And seed/strain degeneration has been the game ever since. You are allowed to play along and fatten your wallet as long if you disinform and sell degenerated seed to the general public. And now decennia later all we see in downtown Amsterdam is auto flower and feminised crap.A lot of the indecent coffeeshops have disappeared ,the wares on offer mostly expensive and unripe poor quality. Bigger shops don’t care, more business for them. The repression here is worse then ever Propaganda and misinformation has been very successful in the NL. What a perfect testing ground… They really believe here now that cannabis nowadays is much stronger….! Not many people around here left that know that not to be true. And not a care for the plight and needs of the Dutch patient either. No it’s all about pushing shit in lala land.


  4. I know and am personal friends with Tom Alexander who was busted in Operation green Merchant. In fact I met with him in California this past Sunday. I asked him about a business I want to start related to legality coming to Oregon, but I also asked about Sam Watson etc. He said he doubted it…then I carried it further myself and I know the science behind GWP and Cannabis. I went down the rabbit hole and am back in school at 52 having taking bio chem just this spring. To the point. I just spent an hour on Face Book messaging with Joe Pietro. I confronted him on several claims he made including what I know to be outright lies regarding my friend Tom Alexander. Interestingly he is from Long Island NY where I am originally from. All Joe Pietro would do besides bring up a few facts and mostly BS anecdotes he believes, is change the point I was making and reiterate to buy his book. It is all about money for him regardless of some truth. You can see Joe’s true character on this page with his condescending comment. He claims Sam/Dave Watson told him what he is claiming is true…meanwhile if believable the above mentioned post by hemp guy makes a different claim and notice Joe Pietro attacks the guy who he claims told him about the DEA and hortapharma and GWP and now he is in denial? I think Joe is in denial and or lying blatantly. I told him to meet or call me, he wouldn’t and I know why. He lives in fear of the truth, which I know and have…notice I would meet in public and he won’t…or even call…it speaks volumes.


  5. What is interesting is hemp guy used the term LEO’s…most of us lay people don’t know the term or wouldn’t use it…but LEO’s do…a lot.


  6. Yup same guy. Communicating with Green House. Send you their opinion later.
    Meanwhile back to Nevil, any info on him? I find when you need to untangle a web of deceit you need to go back to the beginning.
    I’m confused, so forget about all the terrible things you accused him of, now you are just judging him for selling seeds to G W, a medical marijuana research company?


  7. My understanding is that the reason Mr. Watson was issued a license to do grow cannabis for medical research was because HE WAS THE ONLY PERSON TO APPLY FOR A LICENSE. Most Dutch growers were growing illegally as they always had and never thought to apply for a license. When others such as Ben Dronkers heard about this they also applied but were denied because they had criminal records. Mr. Lap, Neville Schoenmaker and Ed Rosenthal started the rumor that Watson was in cahoots with the Australian DEA. Try contacting Rosenthal. I think he will now admit that he was just going along with the rumor and really never believed it to be true as he and Watson were good friends before all this backstabbing began.


      • Do you have details? Apparently Watson had to hire lawyers and fight for the license because they were against issuing it but he persevered and the ministry reluctantly gave him a license. Perhaps the university was not as persistent or weren’t willing or able to comply with the restrictions that came with the license.


  8. Steve, your “Monsanto” link says “Back in 1998, the British firm GW Pharmaceuticals, which markets Sativex oral spray, containing THC and CBD, signed an agreement with Dutch seed company Hortapharm. The agreement gives GW Pharmaceuticals the right to use Hortapharm cannabis strains for their research, according to Engdahl.”
    How does this agreement connect Watson with anything that GW is currently working on?


    • Watson was a major stockholder in GW, although I hear he sold his shares. Why don’t you take this up with Mario Lap? All these details were published by him in a Dutch newspaper, so this is nothing new. Instead of posting a lot of conjecture, one wonders why you are pursuing this with me with such a vengeance?


      • Steve, you pile on more misinformation rather than answer my questions posed. You “claim” he was a stockholder, you “heard” he sold shares….and you accuse me of posting conjecture? I’m not the one who wrote the article/blog maligning Watson. You did and you’re the one who is responsible for checking your facts. I ask you. Please tell me where you got the above information. You say it’s in a Dutch newspaper. What, exactly did the newspaper say?
        Why am I pursuing this? Because I know you’re wrong about so many things you wrote and I want you to check your sources and do some research so that you can see that you are wrong, too. Then, like Sandra said, you can apologize.
        If you’re interested in filling space with second hand rumors rather than pursuing the truth then I have no reason to continue this discussion. You have my email. You can contact me there if you like. A.V.


      • Thank you, A. Vasquez, someone else that can think! Watson was just smarter and more persistent than all the idiots who waited to get invited to make their dream happen, or did stupid stuff like mailing seeds to FBI offices. Haven’t you ever met anyone who doesn’t take no for an answer? Oh yeah I think they are called geniuses. Steve, doing lazy reporting by just repeating rumors helps who?

        NOTE FROM ADMINISTRATOR: Keep reading and you will find Charles of Reeferman Seeds chiming in with a report stating Watson was a spook and ID’ing his handler, so calling me “lazy” doesn’t really fit the bill.


    • This blog was only written to disassociate myself from Watson. I make no claims, only to say I do not vouch for the dude. Meanwhile, there are others like Mario Lap who have actually made accusations against him, so why aren’t you grilling them? Please go away. I have nothing further to add to this conversation other than I believe there are spooks involved in drugs, although I don’t pretend to know who they are.

      Meanwhile, here’s another article you can read off the Mr. Nice website and two more journalists you can go after. My question is, why do you care so much about this story?

      After 1985 de quality of Nederwiet improved tremendously. Currently “our” wiet is considered to be the best. Is that because of Sam Selezny, alias David Watson, the super breeder from the states? Or is he under orders?

      Report: Bas Barkman and Gert Hage

      It was a lovely day, spring 1985, when a heavily built American landed at Schiphol airport. He wore glasses, his long blond hair kept together wih an elastic band. Without problems he passed customs and shortly afterwards received a warm welcome from another equally heavily built American.

      Seemingly nothing special, certainly not in the crowded arrivals area of an airport. No one could have known that the lugage of the ponytailed man contained a box full of seeds- Cannabis seeds.

      The box was the reason for Sam Selezny’s trip to Holland. He was here by invitation from two pioneers in the weedgrowing industry. Two companions: Michael Taylor and Wernard Bruining, the owner of the first coffeeshop in Amsterdam. Although they already grew some nederwiet, the quality of it was not particulairly special, the knowledge they possessed of growing wasn’t extensive enough.

      During that time in Holland, there were probably no more than three big growing sites, covering a total a maximum of two thousand square meters. In coffeeshops Marrocan hash was still the most popular.

      Sam Selezny, the super grower from the states, as Taylor had announced him to Bruining, would change this.

      It proved to be true. Hardly three months after his arrival the first harvest from Fat Sam’s seeds could be smoked. The connoisseurs where excited, the wiet tasted good, with a “high” high.

      Hardly anyone knew at that time, especially not in Holland, that Sam Selezny, who in Holland presented himself mainly under the name David Watson, was arrested on the 20th of march that same year in Santa Cruz, California.

      It was nine years later in the summer of 1994, when Mario Lap, at that time working for the Dutch Alcohol and Drugs Institute, tapped Hedy D’acona on the shoulder in Brussels.
      “Hedy, can you tell me why you provided David Watson with a license (to grow)?” Lap asked the newly appointed MEP and former minister of Health. Lap had only just before that found out, to his utter astonishment, that Watson, who he only knew by the name of Selezny, was granted a license to grow marijuana for scientific purposes.
      Why on earth Watson, a man with what he had heard a shady past in the states as illegal grower, a man who also had been detained and who certainly was not a scientist?
      And why not the Academic Medical Center in Amsterdam, which had been after a license for years to research the medical workings of the plant?
      MEP D”Ancona didn’t know.

      The ministry itself couln’t provide Lap with any clearance on the licence which had been granted on 16th of september 1994, signed by “plaatsvervangend” director general of health, Drs RJ Samsom.

      Lap; “I couldn’t find out how it had happened. Very strange. A bit scary too.”

      In two big greenhouses in Rijsenhout, a village near Schiphol airport, the process was already under way to develop a cannabis plant with a high THC content, which in due course could be used as a basis for medicine. Or rather, it was on those terms that, after years of negotiating, the license was granted.
      Three years, with limiting conditions; only chemical analytical research, not more than 10 grams of THC and a spotless administration.

      The office and lab of Hortapharm are based in Schinkelhavenkade in Amsterdam. A little green building, a big window which in the evenings is covered with a steel sliding door. Inside it smells of fresh wiet. David Watson is on his guard. He wants to talk, but demands the final say on every sentence written about his firm. It is the end of September and Watson is waiting for the decision on the renewal of his license. “I want to continue with my research” he says, “I cannot use any publicity which might be possibly disadvantageous to my business.

      He is startled when he hears we know the location of his greenhouse. “There are millions worth of plants and apparatus, no one is allowed to know.”

      Hanging on the wall behind him are 5 licences, granted by the DEA, a worldwide operating organization, whose task it is to fight drugs.

      Watson doesn’t receive his longed for renewal of his license.

      The ministry announces at the end of September that, since the minister forbids the medical supply of cannabis, a license to grow cannabis is no longer in line with the health ministries’ policies. Besides that, during repeated inspections of Hortapharm, it was found the Admin was not run according to the requirements. The decision is definite, the two locations where hortapharm is based have to close their doors. On 29 October the Ministery confirms their decision in writing to Hortapharm: The head officials of Justice in Haarlem and Amsterdam have been informed of the fact the license has now expired.

      On Schinkelhavenkade however, it is business as usual, the director and only shareholder told us last Monday. He saw the decision of the minister in a different light. “There are people who want it that way” he said, was his cryptic explanation, but there are also people who want it in a different way”

      From his point of view nothing has changed, an “on-going situation”. “There is info, and there is correct info. They are false statements from the ministry and it’s not the first time. ”

      He didn’t want to comment any further on the matter.

      It is not surprising Watson, Alias Sam Selezny is not very willing to talk. Him and his firm came under fire only recently during a broadcast from the VPRO. This broadcast even lead to questions being asked in Parliament (about the licence)

      The radiomakers had contacted the sheriff of Santa Cruz, who confirmed the arrest of Watson on March the 20th in 1985, in relation to illegal cannabis growing.

      How it was possible Watson could set foot in Holland a month later, no one understands. Why wasn’t he, caught red handed, in prison? As a rule the American Justice system doesn’t show clemency to drug criminals.

      There are presumptions, also mentioned in the radioprogramme. Is it possible Watson struck a deal with American Justice, mainly the DEA? In other words, has he, in exchange for his freedom agreed to cooperate with the justice system from time to time?

      Questions which are left unanswered.

      The DEA never talks, something the enquetecommitee “van Tra” discovered too.

      On the 5th of November, Minister Borst answered the questions in Parliament.
      No, there had not been a antecedenten (?) investigation in regards to the person requesting the license.
      There had been doubts though about the reliability of the request, especially wether the cannabis would only be used for scientific purposes. But there was no proof to turn these doubts into hard facts. On the basis of doubt a license could not be rejected, in the court of law.

      Actively requesting personal information from the police register had never been done, but she was planning to do so in due course.
      Subject closed.

      But the case is even stranger than it actually seems.

      How did Watson acquire the funds to found Hortapharm? After some research it shows Watson wasn’t only involved in illegal weed growing in the USA, but in Holland too. Not weedgrowing as a hobby, but on a grand scale, a business worth millions.

      It was clear the Dutch Wietgrowers caught a big fish with getting David Watson on board. A man fascinated by the secrets of the cannabis plant. A man on a mission, convinced of the blessings of cannabis.

      Like every American, he thought big. Just like Michael Taylor, also known as Michael Rich. They became companions, throwing themselves on the big scale growing of nederwiet.

      Wernard Bruining declined. “It became too big and too fanatic. They wanted to be the best and biggest, which wasn’t necessary for me.”

      It was annoying for him though that two of his greenhouses were busted shortly after wards. A coincidence, the police told him, they just happened to come across it. “But it was the first time they busted a big greenhouse. Before that they had never managed to do so”

      In the summer two big sites where busted, the third empty upon arrival. Various employees where arrested, Watson and Taylor stayed out of sight. In the “us knows us” world of growing they were already for some time known as people who pulled the strings. Shortly after wards stories circulated the two Americans had started again. Within a few months they had set up a new greenhouse. This one was busted too, but again no sign of the Americans.

      Were they simply too smart, or was it something else, something invisible (untouchable)?

      No one paid too much attention to it. There were suspicions, but the were erased when the two continued a few years later, undisturbed.

      It was the era when partially thanks to Watsons’ seed, Holland’s masses switched to nederwiet.

      It became an internationally recognized product, the new pearl of the dutch horticulture.

      But in 1992 the calm tide turned, when in the vicinity of Tilburg two massive growsites were busted, with according to the police 40.000 plants.
      Sirens, squat teams, broken doors and a lot of screaming. Two of the approximately fifteen suspects broke down practically straight away under questioning and mentioned the name Watson as the big man and investor behind the wiet operation. Justice didn’t act. Didn’t ask questions about him, didn’t even investigate the large amount of funds which apparently left the country via Luxemburg.

      Watson was and remained, to the surprise of many, a free man and founded Hortapharm that same year.

      Supported by advisers he started negotiating with the health ministery about acquiring a license. One of these advisors was ex police commissioner (?) K Sietsema, at that time already active as Private detective. “If I know Hortapharm? If we’re talking about the same firm then yes, ” Sietsema says; “but I don’t talk about my clients, a kind of code of honor”

      In the world of the wiet growers suspicion arose. One after the other growsite was busted, tens of people disappeared behind bars, but one of the biggest and probably best could continue without any disturbances.

      That the American Godfather of Nederwiet had such good contacts that he could continue to practice his profession legally for three years, the ultimate breeders’ dream, was considered utterly strange.


      The arrest in 1985, the large scale busts of grow sites without any consequences for Watson or his Companion, Hortapharm and its first license, the advisor Sietsema, it was too much of a good thing.

      Were Watson and Rich DEA informers after all, as some people had claimed them to be before?

      “They started at the right side, but Watson had little choice” Bruining thinks; “It was or going to jail or cooperate with the American Justice system.”

      Mario Lap, who amongst other things advices the PVDA (dutch political party) on drugs problems, is sure of his case.

      His last bit of doubt dissapeared upon discovering that the Australian Police was in possession of a list, compiled by Watson, of renowned Dutch breeders, including a precise description of their products, even mentioning the genetic codes. Handy with the eye on the plans of the ministry of health to make growing indoors illegal.
      “Instantly those creeps have the monopoly, later on they’ll be the only ones allowed to breed the seeds, which is what it is about” lap says bitterly.

      Which would make the DEA mission successful. They have the names of the breeders, their products and eventually the market of neder weed in hands.
      The DEA has thus proven not only to be champion of controlled drug flow, but has also proven itself to be the best wiet grower in the world.”

      Copyright: HP/De Tijd 5-12-1997.

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  9. Steve, you said “The whole point was, how did this guy who got busted in Santa Cruz end up with the only DEA license to produce medical weed.”.
    Hortapharm did not receive a DEA license to produce cannabis. They received a license from the Ministry of Health. Please get your facts straight.


      • Steve, he wasn’t under indictment for cultivation in Santa Cruz and didn’t end up in Holland with hundreds of thousands of seeds. Who made this claim and where did they get this information? My understanding is that h went to Holland to AVOID getting in trouble in SC for the work that he wanted to do. He applied for a license in Holland so he could do legitimate research without being harassed.


  10. Hi friends i personally know everyone in question here , I know David have met Rob Clark on several occasions with Dave , I am in regular contact with Nevil and Spent a weekend with Mario Lapp last year .
    First let me say that people have called me some kind of spook and many other non flattering names etc
    I find myself in a interesting position I am friendly with everyone here except Joe P he is about the only person who I can not say is credible in anyway shape or form .
    Many years ago when I lived in NL I was also warned by Aryan from greenhouse that Watson & Rich were spooks .
    Here is my take on the situation having literally herd all sides first let me Say that I like Dave Watson very much he and his family are very nice people and out of all the folks I visited with when I lived in NL I miss my time with them very much .
    I feel that Dave indeed did get in trouble in Cali that he was recruited by the DEA and that he was Given a handler in Netherlands that Handler was Mike Rich or Whatever name happens to be on his passport at a given time .
    I think he was directed to Netherlands where he met Mike Rich at the Airport and that they were to attempt to isolate genetic markers in Cannabis that was commonly be shipped around the globe so the DEA could identify source countries on seizures and trace possible money etc
    I have knowledge of other things that occurred over the years and Mike Rich was always at the eye of the storm .
    Something happened that was very intense I don’t recall the date but I think around 99 after riding out that storm David was released from his obligation to whoever he served I know more specifics but I will not betray trust and write Specifics here I’m sure some of you will know what I am talking about .
    Mike Rich still kept going leaving damaged lives in his path its interesting when David introduced me to Mike it came with a disclaimer that I did not really understand at that time but clearly understand now .
    Mike Rich continued to latch onto new breeders / growers anyone with talent and genetics and come up with interesting exploitive projects that often left him in possession of Genetics mailing lists and cash .
    He puts people with talent in contact with others who really need there services pimps them out while carefully gathering information the entire time , many of these situations have ended with good people behind bars everyone looses except Rich .
    For those who manage to escape his games he discredits and spreads misinformation about them and carefully scrapes every ounce of flesh that might remain from there work .
    That is my take on the situation

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    • Be nice if you could document this dude Mike Rich (aka Fat Michael Taylor) a bit more, maybe even a picture. Some people will likely assume you are talking about the now-deceased commodities broker Marc Rich, who was caught trading with the Iran and pardoned by President Clinton as he was departing office.

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      • If you check the comments, I think you will discover that he did. I think he used the name Hemp Guy. There’s been a lot of comments, most unnapproved, because they add zero to the conversation.


  11. Charles feels Dave got into trouble in California, and he thinks he had a handler. Are you kidding? He feels? He Thinks? Although, you claim you are trying to disassociate yourself from him, who said you were associated him? Maybe you are the DEA agent?


    • Joe Pietri wrote a book claiming Watson is a spook and I am his co-spook. So I wrote a blog disassociating myself from both of them. So what? I do not know who all the spooks are in the world of marjiuana, but I am sure there are many, although I know I am not one. Believe whatever you want, but Charles is not some uninformed bystander in this game, but a former business partner of Watson it seems, only their plan to set-up a huge grow op in Mexico seems to have resulted in many deaths and apparently Charles was the only one who walked away. This story is very murky indeed. You will note Charles also claims Arjan told him Watson and Taylor were spooks. This is what Arjan told me. This is based on the fact Mario found evidence of Watson being arrested in Santa Cruz, and apparently those files have since disappeared. I do not claim Watson is a spook. All I say is I don’t know one way or another. So why are you in such a tizzy? At this point few people other than you even care. Marijuana is about to become legal worldwide in our lifetime, and soon the spooks in the field won’t even matter.


  12. Hi Steve my attention was drawn back here by a email exchange with Watson today , Yes indeed I am talking about Fat Mike Taylor (rich) to Clarify David only introduced me to Fat Mike and had nothing to do with what went on down south .
    David denies what I have said Fat Mike has led many the man to his slaughter prison cell or financial ruin , he waits until everyone is in jail and or dead in exile etc and cleans up .
    The only reason I made it out was a loyal friend with connections called me and got me on a flight I made it out 3 hours before everything went to hell .
    He was trying to recruit replacements within a few weeks of everyone going down , each time its like lottery for him financially and he feds get a win also .
    He latches onto anyone with any success in the Cannabis business in recent years he latched onto some other young breeders in Amsterdam , LOL he tried to send them down south to but a close friend in the UK talked them out of going down that path .
    Everything I have said has been represented honestly yes “I think ” and ” I feel ” based on all the information and exposure I have had Nevil is also convinced he and I talk on a weekly basis .

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    • Thanks for contributing to this conversation. This op reminds me of the film “Dog Soldiers” by Robert Stone, which showed how when independent smugglers tried to move heroin from Vietnam to the USA, the dealers doubled down by tipping off the CIA, who would then rip off the smugglers after the load cleared customs.


  13. been Following this story since 2010- i came across different websites that seemed to corroborate what you are espousing Steve. i grew Neville’s strains in San Diego in 87 and was one of the Scared newbies that watched Operation Green merchant or was it Green Thumb? rollout across america netting my Grower supply house and his whole operation-they took down quite a few operations that day in Sandiego-Joe the Owner was a real nice guy and the NL1 clones were A#1 that he sourced. anywho that scared everyone because at that point they were using Financial records to bust Joes Clients (and many others across America) who were dumb or just not thinking about the paper trail left behind when you buy with a credit card or by your grow supplies (large amounts) shipped to ones grow opps doorstep-hindsight was 20/20, i was not netted bt that scheme-i was small time but i studied what N.S was doing and acquired enough of his doozy strains from the Originasl holland seed bank and catalog (God bless Nevilles heart)-(NL1- Silver Pearl -Haze x Nl5 x Sk1 and a few others to start my own breeding program from seed for more seed-a water leak quashed those dreams and ensuing bust saw all my crossbreeding efforts end up in the S.D evidence locker never to be seen again.
    Fast Fwd-when joining the medical movement in Michigan in 2010 i thought i was ready to grow again- however i was disappointed by what i saw in the medical dispensaries and online as far as Genetics go……. NOTHING RIVALED WHAT NEVILLE HAD DONE! since 2010 its been a shitshow of bad genetics & hermie laden bug infested low yield crap that the market is saturated with passing before my plate-i refuse to grow!
    however-lady luck smiles sometimes though, i have been fortunate enough to meet a Old War Vet that Has The Real NL1 strain preserved all these years in clone form! just as awesome as i remember!
    So-I Hope This Monkey Business Ends with the Spooks and Double Agents of GW/HP protecting their Businesses end of sketchy genetic Lines of SK1 Watson/Dea engineered Hermaphrodite Terror weed that they use to sell their GOVT SANCTIONED patented medicines with! so much $$$$$$$ involved-so much BS…..
    Steve Hagar you are correct No One Gets a Free Pass unless you have something to trade away for ones own freedom.
    and Mahalo for all the Work you and others have done to make it so people can legally medicate with little worry-forever grateful to you Warriors!!!
    aloha Timothy


    • Hey I need any help I can get on information on Joe. I came to his farm last year to help him. Prior I had been travelling around to different states (New York, Michigan, Alabama, Arizona and NC) starting as a farm apprentice and moving on to becoming a farm manager in my home state of Georgia. I have been in the forum exchange seed since like 98 and have always wanted to learn breeding. So I ask around, find Pietri and at first he seemed nice but that guy was a nightmare people actually asked how can I be so Zen with this guy living on his “farm” for a year, really I felt bad for him I figured if someone showed him and his farm some love he could change. When I arrived the place was a god awful mess, mite webs, pm and mold on every plant indoors and out. The property was on chilly coast, then sun covered by trees it was brutal conditions. So basically when I was leaving (seven weeks after I put in my two week notice) him with a better outdoor crop than he ever had (my first year growing), clean plants disease and pest free indoor and out, and basically set his next round of clones up to go into flower after outdoor harvest. He paid me shit in promise that I could use any genetics of his at my will, and a fat bonus for making him 500,000 seed (against my advice because Joe’s breeding is shitty and at his age broke as fuck, and your home you been a “master grower” for at least 10 years is still 2/3 away from being paid off) A seed company Joe was working for, he killed off 3 rounds of their mothers. He took their seed and been selling under his own banner. Anyways, he attempted to put his hands around my neck as I was going, I was cornered so naturally defended myself by pushing Joe away. He wouldn’t let go so basically I startes just leading him around d the living room, hoping he would get tired from wrestling but our feet made a hump on the rug, which I nearly tripped over. Joe tried to rip me to the ground by my neck as I lost balance, I was able to get footing and shoved him off me hard as I could (mind you I’m a tiny guy with 134 lbs). He flew into the dining room table, I was afraid I had possibly just killed him on accident. But his eyes opened and he began to sit up with this warfare like he about to murder me, so I gave him a right jab to the nose to stun him as I got away. Sure enough it took the fight out of him. As Joe attacked me initially I just dialed 911 because he started acting violent making threats he is going have me “set up or worse”. So I noticed that 911 had just listened to us fighting, I spoke to the dispatch to have police on the way to help me get out safe. All my belongings were at the front door. Joe tells the cops he never touched me, plus he had a witness who only saw me knock him in face not the fight. Plus they made it look like I swung on Joe to take his head off, which the investigating officer showed the same swinging motion to his superior, making it look like a home run swing! So they took me to jail, joe has all of my belongings, my seed collection as well and won’t give them back. He called police saying I stole 54 percent of his seed stock when in fact I have 0 seed to my name anymore, or basically any of my personal belongings. The sheriff had me in jail 8 hours no phone call. They put me in jail for defending myself, now Joe greasing me on Facebook with fake accounts, slandering me as someone who is violent and thievish, and he trying scam his insurance so I have detectives calling me about seed I stole! I’m not asking for money, I need help as in support me and my lawyer any type of way to get a good idea on Joe, if anybody has dealt with him! They reduced my charge from misdemeanor harassment to a citation (like a ticket for punching someone in the face???) I need to beat this, I need sue everyone Joe, the Sheriff, the jail, their courts! My rights are being trodden all over, I was belittled and completely disrespected by Tillamook County Sheriff. I will not stand for this type of abuse any longer! I am on another farm in Southern Oregon busy but I have first appearance Oct 10th I need advice, support, info, anything useful!


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