David Icke is a fraud….can’t you see?

icke-alexander_2074332cWhen is the mainstream media going to admit the so-called “conspiracy” community they rail against is dominated by spooks and disinfo agents digging rabbit holes to nowhere to misdirect and confuse the people, who are in danger of awakening and realizing they have the power?

Icke is right about one thing, there’s a big magic show running the Banking Cartel, but doesn’t tell you he’s the controlled fake opposition. Funny how people say I need to watch 8 or 9 hours of incredibly boring Mark Passio video before I can critique his satanist disinfo philosophy. That’s like saying I need to spend a week living with the Moonies before I can tell you they’re a spook-infested mind-control op, just like most other popular religions. Big money can make anything a religion, and the more complex the dogmas, the better. I guess Icke’s dogmas revolve around being trapped in a Matrix run by aliens from another dimension. Talk about dis-empowerment. He is a master of paranoid mind control and nothing more. Can’t you see how that stops people from waking up and realizing they have the power?

If you want to know the truth about everything spiritual, I can give it to you in three words, and you won’t have to watch 9 hours of video filled with magic symbols and spooky soundtracks because there really are no 10 commandments, there’s actually but one:

Don’t hurt anybody (and that includes feelings).

So when they create these complex codes that involve years of study, all they are really doing is leading people deep into some mind-control rabbit hole so they can cage their minds. And your mind is fully caged the second you start believing what Icke says.

Of course, there’s some obvious truths embedded in his nonsense, there for a reason. By having Icke expose something real, it hides it in the open, because who would ever take anything Icke says seriously, especially in the media or in the courts? So the info is really diminished.

The reason I know something serious is going on is because there’s the equivalent of a silent blacklist going on over 9/11. Should any journalist suggest the event require further investigation, they’ll swiftly lose all hope of a mainstream career. In Canada, an MP is under attack because she allowed a person to post the time and date of a lecture by Richard Gage on her community bulletin board. And Gage may be the only real person in the 9/11 Truth Movement who’s not somebody’s spook.

If they weren’t trying to hide something, there wouldn’t be a problem with new investigations or talking about conspiracies other than the official one. I remember when the country finally figured out the Warren Commission was run by a former head of the CIA who’d been just recently fired by Kennedy. Garrison unveiled that important fact, something the media should have exposed the second his name was put forth by LBJ.

Now consider the 9/11 Commission was completely controlled by two men who were meeting an ISI operative as the planes struck the towers, and both men initially tried to block any investigation. At first, Henry Kissinger was suggested to run the dog-and-pony show, but when survivors asked to see his business connections with Saudi Arabia, he pulled himself out lickitysplit.

Consider the ISI wired $100,000 to Mohammed Atta a few days before 9/11. And that several Commissioners have complained their Commission was actually a joke and “set up to fail” and “didn’t follow the evidence into Saudi Arabia.” Isn’t it a bit odd there are close personal relations between the Bin Ladens and the Bushes, sorta like the connection between the Bushes and the Hinckleys, facts seldom mentioned in the press.

So that’s the reason for Abakus Magazine, because Abakus is not afraid to tell the truth, and we also know how important it is to begin this mission by exposing disinfo agents leading researchers astray by implanting mind control formulas under the guise of liberating minds.


4 thoughts on “David Icke is a fraud….can’t you see?

  1. Isn’t he related to Sir Richard Branson?
    When is David due for his “gong” from the “reptilian” Queen Elizabeth (from a Lizard birth, according to Mr Icke) ???


  2. Icke is a scaremongering disinformer. A well placed spoonfeeder operative who is clearly mixing some truths with garbage in a blatant attempt to mislead and confuse.

    I figured him out years ago. What baffles me is how anybody with critical thinking skills cannot see what a phony he is.


  3. One word, Psychopath. When you wake up to these “people” controlling and manipulating you, you question everything and I didn’t hear of David Icke until about a year later and it was remarkable how similar many views of his were when I saw him at a conference.


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