Rick Simpson Oil in combination with natural therapy

ricksimpson“When patients come to me for oil to treat their cancer, the first thing I tell them to do is change their diets. Try to stay away from animal protein as much as possible, since this type of protein promotes cancer growth. Get a juicing machine and start eating as many raw fruits and vegetables as possible, because plant protein fights the growth of cancer. Stop using sugar and replace its use with natural sweeteners like raw honey.
Get the patient’s pH up as quickly as possible by having then ingest such things as watermelon and lemon juice etc. Cancer likes an acidic environment and when you raise the body’s pH, it makes it hard for cancer cells to survive.
Decades ago, researchers had great results treating cancer with mega doses of vitamin C, which was injected right into the patient’s blood stream in much the same way doctors inject chemo, but without the devastating side effects which can cause the patient’s death. Therefore, I think large doses of vitamins could be of great benefit to patients suffering from serious conditions like cancer.
Also have the patient start eating the seeds from two apples every day, this will give them a good daily dose of B17, which is also known as laetrile. Years ago, there was a lot of propaganda about this treatment not being safe, but these allegations proved to be false. In reality, B17 in its own right has a pretty good track record in the treatment of cancer. There are also other natural things such as wheat grass and blue green algae that you may find of benefit as well. A few years ago, a doctor in Italy was even curing some types of cancer with the use of baking soda, so we must keep our minds open to all possibilities.
1533588_10202273224689199_1452569080_nMany people who have used the oil to treat their cancers did not change a thing but the oil still worked its magic and they were healed. Still, if you have a serious condition like cancer, I think it’s a good idea to take other natural things that may help the oil eradicate the cancer and give you a better chance to survive.
The most important thing of all is that people have to realize that for the most part what the medical system provides does much more harm than good. That is the reason I tell people who contact me that if they want to survive, it’s best to stay as far away from the medical system as possible.
That is the sad state the medical system we have today is in and it will not change until people who work within this system finally realize that chemicals and poison do not heal. As far as I am concerned, what most doctors practice today could hardly be considered medicine. It would be much more accurate to call it by its real name, madness.
From my point of view, anyone with cancer should be doing everything they possibly can to optimize their chance of survival. So, by all means, take hemp oil to treat your cancer but I think it would be best to include other natural beneficial treatments as well.” Rick Simpson, Nature’s Answer for Cancer
Additional Tips for Lung Cancer Patients
1743315_10202273224529195_585386432_nQ. This one was on the oil for some time and still had to use painkillers, so we were looking for more ways how to help the patient. 
A. 1) Make another batch of oil and try to mix it with the one you have, look for the most sedative oil possible, you don’t want to energize the patient.
2) Try to produce the oil from more than one strain at a time, if possible, it usually has a better carpet effect that way. Again, look for the most brutal and sedative power of the starting material and oil.
3) It would be better if she stopped using the oil in capsules. You want some of it in her mouth for additional sublingual absorption (it has a better painkilling effect that way)
4) Make 0.3-0.5g suppositories with cocoa butter and have her use them at least twice a day, she can use it anally as well as the other way.
5) Have her vaporize the oil several times a day – coughing is desired, she needs to cough out whatever does not belong in her lungs, including those tumors (they will simply shrink and then fall apart and she will cough them out).
6) Make an oil tincture with alcohol (20-30-50%, depending on how much oil you have; 1-2ml of the oil in 4ml of 96-99% alcohol) and apply it to the spot that she was operated on with an eyedropper or a dropper – one or two drops will usually do, and you can save a lot of oil this way. Of course, you can also apply some oil directly to the spot and cover it with a bandage and repeat it every three days or when the bandage falls off.
7) Make a salve with shea butter or dissolve some oil in warm hemp seed oil or high quality extra virgin olive oil and rub it on the area several times a day. This should help eliminate the pain in her ribs and you can also use it for bed sores and anything on her skin.
8) Include hemp seeds, hemp hearts and hemp seed oil in her diet – at least a handful of seeds/hearts, or 1-3 tablespoons of hemp seed oil.
9) Increase her body’s pH with watermelon and lemon juice etc., have her eat seeds from two apples every day (B17).
10) Try to replace the painkillers and patches with the oil as soon as possible. If you start applying the oil topically, it should help a great deal. The suppositories also do wonders for lung conditions. The more oil she ingests and the quicker she does it, the better. She should stay on a gram or more a day until she conquers the disease and then stay on a maintenance dose of 1-2g a month. Read and follow all other instructions on our site, too. –excerpted from Cure for Cancer: The Rick Simpson Protocol by Jindrich Bayer.


5 thoughts on “Rick Simpson Oil in combination with natural therapy

  1. Its easy to say how wonderful the oil is if you can find the real RSO formula. I am unable to make it. So where does that leave me? Giving me hope by telling me the wonderful properties of the oil is one thing. Another is I am very frustrated and helpless because I cant make or buy the quality of oil I need. So, is cruel to a point. Is this the carrot before the donkey?


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