In the Spirit of Tesla: Truly Green Energy Appears

1891154_10152038591488721_1696383539_n(News Flash!) Remember the names Fabienne Felder, Paolo Bombelli and Ross Dennis because they’re working on harvesting energy from plants and already doing it. This is their device, a boombox that runs on green electricity.

Eventually, this team would like to replace leather with moss, so that our couches can power our computers and flat screens. I guess you know moss is pretty comfortable? Can you imagine an environment sheathed in living plants, all pumping electricity and oxygen? I can.

You have to wonder if this isn’t Tesla’s revenge in the making. Are farms suddenly going to become energy producers? And how long before this technology goes wireless?

That was Tesla’s great dream: harvesting energy without wires. And likely why you can’t find him in any of our history books.


One thought on “In the Spirit of Tesla: Truly Green Energy Appears

  1. I read that bit about the Thompson SMG. The funny thing is, that even though it was invented for use in the Great War, it never saw service in combat use with the US Army in that war


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