Thoughts of a 10-year-old on Minimum Wage

chicken_suit_costumeby Kid Blogger for Abakus Magazine

Imagine getting up at 4 am and realizing you have to go to a job where you dress up like a chicken and cluck for customers. Then you get home with 60 bucks for 7 hours of work. Believe it or not, this is many people’s life. Whether you are 15 or 44, millions have to fill the chicken suit of shame.

But the worst part is the wage. In fact, according to Mens News Daily, “Forty percent of US workers make less than what a full-time minimum wage worker made in 1968.”

In 1968 people received less money, so why is it that almost 40 years later almost half of minimum wage workers are making less than they would in the 1960s? Yet still some people are oblivious to the fact that workers deserve a raise. They need a raise. And it is literally opposing the Declaration of Independence to not give a raise to these millions of people. Thomas Jefferson once said, “All men are created equal.” But America has a history chock full of inequality, from when our founding fathers declared us independent to when we had our first black President. Now people are being ignored when they simply need raises. Yet many get raises to their salary when they don’t even need it.

minimum-wage-cartoonI can show you how these ignored people feel. One person named Elva Godoy said, “The other day I got my paycheck for $215.” She later says, “My electric bill was $218.” This is simply unacceptable. Another woman named Shenita Simon only recently could afford a kitchen table. In fact she said, “My kids were eating on the floor.” Something as simple and already established as eating at a table could be held back by something we can fix.

And that’s what minimum wage is: A broken concept that needs to be fixed.

August 28th, 1963, Martin Luther King, Jr., said: “Blacks were given a bad check.” Well these people haven’t been given a check at all. Be it their paycheck or their lifecheck, they have been dished the spoils of life.

Other countries like New Zealand have maintained employment with a higher minimum wage than the US. They’ve done this by using laws that give teens less money. This is very smart because teens usually don’t need the money. But that doesn’t change the fact that the adults do. And it is time they stop waiting for a raise.

It is time they demand a raise.

It is time to march on the banks and receive the check they deserve.


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