What is enlightenment?

Screen Shot 2015-08-02 at 9.43.25 AMEver see the 1941 film The Razor’s Edge? It purports to be a celebration of Eastern philosophy, but it’s really  a rabbit hole dug by a spook. The film was based on a novel by Somerset Maugham, who was revealed to be a lifelong agent of MI6 after his death. Spooks come in all types: bankers, lawyers, politicians, activists, mercenaries, gangsters, journalists, and even novelists upon occasion.

In fact, all the so-called “spiritual” parts of the film are hoodwinks, dry holes with zero juice behind them. Larry Darrell is a WWI pilot suffering from PTSD who goes on a quest for enlightenment. While working in the mines of Eastern Europe, he meets a German alcoholic with anger-management issues who turns out to be a defrocked priest running from his past by getting drunk. In the film and novel, this sad character is portrayed as a noble role model and the man who informs Larry enlightenment cannot be found in books. Like Hitler later on, he suggests all books on enlightenment should be burned. Instead, he recommends Larry visit his guru in India, which he dutifully does. Upon arrival in India, the guru directs Larry to an isolated shack high in the mountains and tells him to stay there until he reaches nirvana. Sometime later, the guru instinctively knows Larry has had his epiphany and visits the shack, where the ecstatic Larry describes “becoming one with god.”

Larry goes back to his former life an expert in hypnosis and mind control, although neither the book nor film explain how he picked up on those skills. Maugham’s idea of a guru is humorless, same as the defrocked priest. There’s a lot of intense staring going on, as well as a symphonic soundtrack to convey a sense of importance, but if you analyze what’s actually being spoken, none of it makes sense. It’s a cartoon version of Eastern spirituality that looks a lot like Christianity. The book did, however, open the floodgates for a parade of charlatans from the East to invade the world to cash in on the confusion created.

11694752_1096341923727827_3028084207419145056_nOne of my favorite lines in my new hymnal for cannabis ministries goes like this: “Well, I believe in a God above, and what I know, I learned from love, and being close when love was goin’ through ya. It’s not some cry you hear at night, or illusion when you see a light, but a completely pure and undamaged hallelujah.”

As Stephen Gaskin once explained to me: “Enlightenment is not like ringing a bell.” You don’t suddenly reach a state of nirvana and remain there for the rest of your life. If you’re looking for inner peace, that is something that comes from right-livelihood, which means your profession provides meaning to your existence. Unfortunately, our economy produces mostly wage-slave (demeaning) jobs, and few in the way of right-livelihood, so it’s rare to find it, although it’s widespread among artists, musicians, entertainers, farmers, builders, healers, and those who devote themselves to helping others.

When you are radiating serenity, it’s a telepathic vibration that can be shared and you can zap people around you similar to getting a contact high. People in a serene state are creative and fun to be around, which is why I find Maugham’s humorless version of spirituality so dry and pompous. If you want to amplify serenity, it’s best done in group ceremony, not isolated alone in some high-mountain cave. When you harmonize with others, you can amplify your empathy. We humans are social creatures, and yearn to pass through life’s transitions in groups so we can share sympathetic energy with our peers.

10959809_643934592377813_5976336687812218823_nThe history of cannabis and ceremony is long but strangely uncelebrated. There are but a handful of scholars who have shown any interest in this subject, and the true story has yet to penetrate the mainstream. Later this year, I plan to publish Killing Jesus: The Real Story, which will explain how the world’s greatest medicine and sacrament was virtually disappeared from history for centuries.

In a nutshell: Judea was at the crossroads of the major cultures of the time and the wheat, spice (and drug) trade was running through it. Consequently, a new hybrid religion began forming that mixed ideas from Hinduism, Buddhism, Zoroastrianism, Judaism, as well as Greek and Egyptian concepts of spirituality. This new hybrid culture became known as Christianity, and as soon as it blossomed, the Temple in Jerusalem was razed and all its followers scattered to the winds. At this time, Christians were vegetarian Jews who believed in non-violence and the medicinal powers of cannabis. A century after this culture was shattered, however, it was reinvented and turned upside down by Romans and eventually morphed into the state religion of imperialism.

If you study the history of spirituality, you’ll find trails of cannabis smoke almost everywhere you look. It was only though the brutal Inquisitions that Christians were able to beat back awareness of the role played by cannabis in the creation of Christianity and many other religions.

Some say we should do away with all religion entirely, but that’s just another jihad under a new name and reminds me too much of Marxism. My solution is to reform religion from within by creating micro-religions. If you want to learn how to do that, download a copy of my free ebook, The New Pot Enlightenment. Then gather your stoner friends and inform them you want to form a cannabis ministry that will shield all of you from harm. Provided you are over 21 years-of-age and sincere in your belief in cannabis as a sacrament, if you do band together and hold ceremonies with cannabis, the Constitution will protect you. It will only take one court case to bring down these walls of oppression because our aim is true.


Incredibles dominates Munchie Cup Awards Show

20150724_201301The 2nd annual Abakus Munchie Cup was held in Denver, Colorado, from July 24 to 26, at Green Labs. Grandmaster Caz, one of the greatest deejays and rappers from the first generation of hip hop, headlined the event. Bill Levin, founder of the First Church of Cannabis, gave the keynote address and was inducted into the Temple Dragon Crew. Munchie Cup founder Steven Hager unleashed his new hymnal for cannabis ministries and randomly performed songs with an impromptu band put together every day composed of whoever walked through the door. Many arrivals unexpectedly found themselves suddenly swept up into the Munchie Cup choir.

Ballpark Holistic easily won the best dispensary award and their products also dominated. Seven shops within walking distance of Green Labs had been targeted for participation. Dixie Elixirs won best medicated drink, Incredibles won the best candy award, and PBJ won best confection. Best flower went to Pakistani Kush, while best concentrate went to Live Resin BP. The best expo booth award went to Incredibles, who kept the judges happy with an endless supply of snacks, although none were medicated due to the rules in Denver regarding cannabis events. Next year, the Munchie Cup may be free to attend because if you don’t sell entry tickets, it is possible to give away cannabis and cannabis products.

The Pot Illuminati Award (blind judged by Grandmaster Caz in record time) went to Girl Scout Cookies, which beat out six other strains determined by the Temple Dragon Crew as being the best flowers at the event.


Letter to The First Church of Cannabis

IMG_0544Brothers and Sisters of the Peaceful Vibrations,

I’m mailing a set of Magic Chakra Candles for your altar and use in your ceremonies today. You’re free to employ these candles in any manner you wish.

These candles were manifested by the Temple Dragon Crew at the Cannabis Cup Temple in Amsterdam over 15 years ago. After the TDC was expelled from the event, we created the Pot Illuminati in Colorado so we could continue our traditions. All Temple Dragon ceremonies are improvisational and completely dogma-free. We do have one rule: don’t hurt anybody, and that includes feelings and not just physical force.

The candles are designed to be stacked together to form an arrow pointing up as indicated in the photo above. When they arrive, there will be paper templates on each one with a different magic sigil. You are free to use these sigils or make your own symbols or use no symbols at all. The symbols, colors and scents all relate to the charkas and to our desire to merge all cultures into a unified, mega-cultural hybrid of peace.

Carving the candles is the first ceremony and should be done with at least seven people in attendance. It’s a great honor to carve a sigil into one of the candles and it puts energy into them, and should be shared by as many people as possible. I just use a ballpoint pen and trace an image with the paper sigil still on. After I have an image on the wax, remove the paper and make the lines a bit deeper into the wax with the pen. I suggest painting the symbols with gold paint, in which case the finished candles will look something like the picture below.

Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 12.13.15 PMIf you look close you’ll see a gemstone embedded into every sigil. Many years from now, when your candles are too small to function anymore and you require a new set, transfer the gems I send to your replacement candles.

Our ceremonies begin by lighting the candles. One person is asked to light the red candle, and that person speaks while lighting the candle and speaks for as long as they want. But when they are finished, they select someone to light the orange candle and so it goes until seven have spoken.

When the candles are stacked close together and burning, a hotspot may develop and create a leak on one side of a candle. If this happens, isolate the candle and hold it at an angle to repair the leak. You’ll need to maintain a perimeter of wax around the tops and this may require some tinkering early on.

Don’t leave the candles on for long periods. After all seven have been lighted and seven people have spoken, or once the ceremony or sermon is over, extinguish the flames as part of the ceremonies so you can save the candles for another ceremony. And if the candles melt into a puddle, the wax can be recast as long as you can separate the colors.

Enjoy the magic, and keep manifesting peace on earth.

Who is the real King of Cannabis?



And was Operation Green Merchant designed to steal Nevil’s throne?

There seems to be some sort of ongoing disinfo op to minimize the essential role of Nevil’s Seed Bank in establishing the core genetics employed around the world today. I have to wonder where Nevil would be today had it not been for Operation Green Merchant, a New Orleans-centered op wherein a prosecutor claimed the Cannabis Cup I created was a front for seed distribution, and by buying ads in High Times, Nevil was shuffling his illegal profits to the magazine. In the media, Operation Green Merchant was played as an attack on High Times magazine, but in hindsight, I suspect Nevil was the target, simply because he ended up neutralized, leaving the door open for Michael Taylor and Dave Watson.

If you want to get the necessary background, check my previous blog: “The Mysterious Mr. Watson,” and be sure and read all the comments. But to summarize: There’s a disinfo meme Watson used me as a tool to create the Cannabis Cup so the DEA could bust people. I won’t mention the name of the person pushing this theory, except to say it’s standard spook practice to wrap jewels of knowledge inside easily-disproved fabrications, a magic trick that puts a mirror on top of what should be a picture window. But in trying to disentangle myself from this meme, I became a tar baby for the theory first vocalized online by Shantibaba (of Mr. Nice Seeds), who suggested Taylor and Watson could be spooks, a theory he’d picked up from Nevil.


Mario Lap

Although the comment was made somewhat innocently in an Italian Internet forum, Nevil had already put respected Dutch journalist Mario Lap into action, providing him with some documentation and pretty soon Lap had marshaled evidence that supported Nevil’s suspicions. And Lap made enough noise Watson soon lost his legal grow op for a time because the Dutch don’t like American spooks playing in their backyard.

When Watson first arrived in the mid-1980s, he’d joined forces with Wernard Bruining, who’d founded the first coffeeshop Mellow Yellow (after the Donovan song) in 1972. However, Bruining became alarmed by the scale of Watson and Taylor’s mission for world cannabis domination, and soon withdrew from the team. Around this time all Mellow Yellow grow ops got busted and these were the first indoor grow busts in Holland’s history.

maxresdefault-1I’m not connecting any dots, I just find it interesting someone is trying to use me as the mirror to shield Watson. But that original blog I wrote is taking on a life of it’s own, and has already drawn comments from Watson and Reeferman, once partners on a plan to wrest control of the Mexican weed market. Good thing Watson didn’t join that mission as originally planned, because that massive grow op went down as well, and Reeferman was apparently the only one who walked out alive.

I realize Watson has a booster team supporting his role in documenting and assembling important cannabis strains, and he rewards them with his marvelous hash, but I couldn’t help but notice an illuminating comment made by Nevil online a few years ago:

skunkman“It would have been about ’95, but I’m terrible with dates, but I was working at the Castle for Ben and they came to see me. They wanted to enlist my help in delineating the ancestries of the strains that I had put out. Ben still wasn’t selling anything that I hadn’t made (to the best of my knowledge). I found this to be a remarkable request for a number of reasons. I asked them why? What followed rocked my world. They told me that they were cooperating with the Australian Federal Police, who wanted to establish links between growing operation in Australia using genetic fingerprinting and the information I was to provide. This would lead to longer prison sentences. I’d recently done 11 months in maximum security remand in Australia and alarm bells are going off in my head like crazy. But I can be cool under pressure and decided to draw them out. They knew I had children in Australia and couldn’t go and see them. The suggestion was raised that cooperating might help my chances to be able to go back. They thought they had me. I said that I needed time to consider this proposal and needed some kind of documentary proof that they were genuine. No problem, I was told. On a later visit I was provided with documents from the Australian Federal Police demonstrating that this and much more was indeed the case. I said that I wished to show these documents to a legal adviser before making any decisions and was given their permission to do so. I went to Mario Lap, who used to work for the N.I.A.D. (Dutch institute for alcohol and drugs) and was an adviser to the Dutch Labor Party on cannabis affairs. He has a good paralegal mind and is well acquainted with law as it relates to cannabis. He was horrified as to the implications of those documents and didn’t particularly like American spooks operating in his back yard. He made further inquiries with the various Dutch ministries as to who these people were and who they were connected with and how they got their permits for Hortapharm. Mario is on record as to what he concluded and how that lead to their losing the Hortapharm license, My repeating it would only be hearsay. He may still have the original documents. Some time later when Hortapharm had lost their license and the Dutch law had been changed and seed breeding was illegal in Holland, we were all fairly bitter. Sam wanted a showdown which Arjan ended up organizing. Sam, Rob, Arjan and I met in a coffee shop. I don’t think Scott [Shantibaba] was there. They accused me of bringing down Hortapharm and I accused them of destroying the Dutch scene in order to get a monopoly. They came with their rationalizations the end justifying the means etc, but neither of us denied anything much. Nothing was achieved and we never saw each other again.” —N.

What do you think would happen to the world cannabis seed market if Nevil ever restarted his original Seed Bank in Australia and began shipping seeds globally wherever cannabis is legal? I’m hoping someday he takes on this mission and wrests back a dominant share of the seed marketplace, the one he’d captured before George Soros and his agents around the world were put in place, seemingly to manifest genetically-modified cannabis patented by Monsanto, because that’s the direction they seem to be headed in. Soros is funding the marijuana movement on many levels, as well as a big chunk of the alternative media.

And in closing this blog, I’m reminded of another suspicious piece of evidence. A reporter in Australia recently wrote an article on Nevil’s planned re-emergence, and was able to locate the key snitch who informed on Nevil to bring him down, and it turned out to be someone who worked for Nevil for four years, who owns a cannabis fertilizer company today and claims to have grown all the early Cup winners with his hydro solutions. In fact, he is likely taking credit for Nevil’s formulas, after snitching him out to the Feds. And nobody seems to notice, least of all the crackpot trying to use me as a mirror, who promotes the snitch’s product line.

And speaking of stealing credit, this awakens the long-slumbering memory of Nevil showing me how to make waterhash in his kitchen in the Castle in the early 1990s. The water coming from his tap was a micro degree above freezing and he put ground buds in a jar, filled it with tap water, and the resin floated to the bottom. No need for any patents or silkscreens. Funny how Nevil’s satori moment got turned into everyone else’s idea but Nevil’s.

So when people ask me who is the real King of Cannabis, I have to tell the truth: the title moves around depending on who has the center of gravity on cannabis seeds at any given moment in history. But Nevil was the first to establish the crown in our lifetimes. And as a past champion, he will always retain the possibility of a comeback. In fact, I’ll lace up the gloves for that mission if it means unseating Monsanto.

Triple OG’s of Hip Hop

classicIt’s been a while since Kool Herc and Grandmaster Caz spoke, but apparently the ice has broken because they threw an epic joint birthday party along with original hip hop emcee Coke La Rock.

The event was held at the Andrew Freedman Complex, a retirement home built by a sports franchise financier back in 1924. It was intended as a safety net for financiers who lost their fortunes in stock market crashes, but in 1960, the Freedman trust went broke. Now the building serves as a daycare center and artist studio space. In fact, Kool Herc is one of many artists-in-residence.

I brought presents for the three birthday OGs, including a Pot Illuminati hat, pin and t-shirt, copy of my new book, Hip Hop: The Complete Archives, and some assorted other goodies compliments of WeedTees in Alma, Colorado. I called Coke to see what time he was showing up and he told me emcees were showing up early for a meeting, so I arrived a hour before showtime, and they were still setting up systems. There were three ballrooms on the ground floor, and a deejay system was being installed in every one, although the biggest was reserved for Herc’s massive system. I knew this was probably going to be one of the loudest parties in hip hop history.

Coke was overjoyed to see me and get his PI gear. While I was talking to him, Herc walked by us, recognized me and scoffed. I held my hand out and offered him a copy of my new book as a present with the other, but Herc refused both. “Where’s my royalties?” he said before walking away. Herc has never forgiven me for not cutting him into my original hip hop book deal. It’s funny because I interviewed 40 people for that book, but Herc was the only one who felt he deserved to be paid. I did get a $5,000 advance from St. Martins’ but I spent most of it buying photographs for the inside. The book went out-of-print after a year or two, and I never saw more than a few hundred dollars in the way of royalties. But a few years later, copies were trading hands on ebay for $500.

That was 31 years ago, and I touch base with Herc every decade or so. I invited him to receive an all-expense-paid trip to the Cannabis Cup and get a Counterculture Hall of Fame Award, but he turned that offer down, probably because he doesn’t want to be identified so closely with weed. So the original hip hop emcee Coke La Rock got that perk. Coke has to be the most over-looked person of the first generation. There was a giant mural of over a hundred hip hop stars. “Can you believe it,” said Coke looking at it. “I’m not even in it.”

“Nobody even knows what you look like,” I said. There were few photos taken of the original parties when Coke was the main dude on the mic, inventing phrases like: “you rock and you don’t stop,” which would go on to become a hip hop staple.

Grandmaster Caz arrived in stealth mode, not doing interviews or even having his picture taken, so I couldn’t get the story behind how he and Herc finally made up after their long feud. I am sure the whole thing boiled down to Herc being pissed about something. But if they can bury the hatchet after all these years it means there’s still hope Herc might forgive me some day. Maybe in another 30 years, when we are in our 90s.

The one person who wanted to be interviewed was an artist named Space Craft 1, who gave me a tour of his studio. The work was amazing. Check out the video if you don’t believe me.

The 420 Address

420flyinggrafOne day, I went to Amsterdam and said, hey, it’s legal here, let’s have a harvest festival. So I started one. It was only me and two other fellows the first year. The second year there were five, including the first Freedom Fighter of the Year. The third year it was seven. The sixth year it was finally open to the public and 50 attended, 40 of whom bought travel packages. But now there are hundreds of thousands of people flocking to Denver to the Cannabis Cup and 420.

At first, I thought it was about having a party and for the first couple years, that’s all it meant to me. But then I started to realize, hey, there’s something deeper going on here because there are all these cultures using marijuana as a sacrament. And marijuana is so much more spiritual that alcohol. So much more. So I said, we need to honor the 5,000-year-old history of ceremonial use of cannabis.

The first thing I did was start a band, because you can’t have spirituality without music. Music, marijuana and mathematics are the road to spirituality and don’t forget it. Right away we decided we weren’t going to have any dogma because we wanted to invite all cultures to our ceremonies. We only have one rule: don’t hurt anybody. As long as you don’t hurt anybody, everything is cool.

This culture really started in Congo Square in New Orleans because that’s the only place for a hundred years where all cultures could get together. And marijuana is what elevated Louie Armstrong and those guys, just like it elevated Bob Marley. It’s part of our spirituality.

So we made up our ceremonies as we went along, and the stuff that worked is what stuck with us and we evolved a ceremony with seven candles. Why seven? Why are their seven points on a cannabis leaf? Seven is the marijuana number of ancient spirituality. The seven-pointed star is called the Star of the Magi. There were seven planets are the time when religion was born. When the three kings came to visit baby Jesus, it was cannabis they were bringing. And when Moses talked to a burning bush, that was cannabis he was listening to.

What does this plant bring? Just the world’s greatest medicine, and the world’s greatest food, and the world’s greatest path to spirituality. And by the way they banned if off the face of the earth for 2,000 years.

So I’m trying to change that best I can and I created the Pot Illuminati. I’m taking the Illuminati sigils away from the Illuminati and making it a very exclusive cannabis secret society so I can bend evil magic against itself.

Most candles you buy are totally toxic, by the way. Throw them away; don’t use them because they will poison you. I wanted to use seven candles in ceremonies, but soon discovered I had to make them. Seven colors to the rainbow, seven notes to the scale, seven days to the week, and seven chakras. There’s a lot to magic and you don’t have to learn it from someone else because it runs through you naturally and you can make it up as you go along, and the proof it works is we created an evolution in candle magic.